My Bio, maybe i should write more?

Born in the filth of a Sebiestor industrial estate, no name, no love would becoming of this child. Abandoned in the streets, left to die in this god forsaken universe. Man walks by, no second look for life. Little did they know, this child had purpose, this child had a path aligned by the stars for the Minmatar Republic.

Year 21413 AD. Man, named only as Wkumi Pol finalised an Arms Deal with the Sebiestor Industrialist Chief Acassa Midular. On his return to Pator, Wkumi Pol hears a cry from within a dark, destined ally way. Intreged, he investigates. Unraveling cloth he sees a malnourished child. With gazing eye, he takes this child to be his own, swearing his loyalty to protect and accept into the Brutor Tribe.

Wkumi Pol arrives back to the Brutor Tribe to give good word. A new member joines the Clan with Arms Deal Secured. They accept this child with honor, they call him Skahr.

Years pass, now 22355 AD. The Amarr arrive to Pator System. Soon after they begin to enslave the Minmatar people.

Skahr is now man, tall in stature, muscle bound, discipline in bearing, honor and loyalty without question.

Year 22480 AD. The Amarrians invade and conquer the Minmatar Empire.

Skahr fights with honor, for justice and freedom. To free his people from the chains of slavery.

23216 AD The Minmatar “Great Rebellion”. The Amarrians and their collaborators are defeated and expelled from the Minmatar worlds and surrounding systems.

Skahr fights with dying breath, his leadership untold, a sacrifice for the ages to remember. His peoples freedom is secured. He will continue to fight for those unjust as he once was…


Judging that it’s 23336 AD now, this means according to your bio you are around 1957 years of age.

As per Death:

However, the life spans of individuals has grown greatly. While in pre-spaceflight civilizations the average person could expect to live into their 80s or 90s should they avoid other causes of death, the average citizen of New Eden can regularly reach their mid-120s. Certain individuals can live even longer, thanks to implants, cloning, anti-agathic drugs, or other life-extension treatments.

Now taking this with a grain of salt, and realizing that capsuleers have access to such technology, it wouldn’t be unheard of for people to have an estimated lifespan of upwards of 500 years, probably far beyond that… were it not that capsule tech hasn’t really been a thing until about 120 years ago. Cloning tech would have been around for longer, but that would have meant that you were part of the 1% of the .1% at that time.

Then some other points:

  • Wkumi Pol is currently the Brutor Tribe Chief, this means that he wouldn’t have been around at 21413 AD, as that would make him over two millennia old
  • Acassa Midular did not become Chief until YC115 (23331 AD)

Having said that, you do have some interesting bits, that I would recommend keeping, as they add character to your character. That’s pretty much the essence of a bio; what makes you tick, or what broke you. Especially this latter bit, as no person is perfect, and when used properly, flaws improve a character.

If you give me a poke when I’m in-game (I frequent the “Out of Character” channel when I’m in-game), I’ll be more than happy to walk you through and assist in building a bio with you.


Awsome, thanks for the reply. Means a lot.

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