My brother`s account

Hello. I wish to invite my family as a buddy, and play eve together.

but, I think that it may consider violate EULA. because same IP address, although individual computer.
If misunderstanding results BAN, we would be unhappy.

Please teach me that can I invite him?

  • Send a support ticket with this question if you want an ‘official’ answer.

or (that’s easier and faster)

  • Ask someone you trust to give invite to your brother and to hand out the buddy program reward to you once your brother subscribes.

Invite isnt problem.
Maybe the concurrent login could be a problem if not both of you omega.
Ask the support to be sure and may your ISP could provide you 2 separate fix IP for a small fee.

Thanks for Info. I would try to contact CCP and check the answer.
until that time, I will wait.

many thanks :grinning:

When you know the answer post it here. my “other-half” wants to play at my home and i’ve been refusing based on the same IP issue (I’m Omega and he’s not)

Hi 6AD,

I can understand your dilemma and it is a difficult one. While you are going to be playing on the same IP address (you and your brother), there are actually nothing in the EULA that actually prevents this, however as you probably have thought of, there will always be the chance of suspicion arising in the future or maybe not.

As said, if you’re looking for an official answer it is best achieved by submitting a Support Ticket.

hope the best for you and your brother.


So we are about to create an omega account but my wife doesn’t want to commit yet. Is it a problem if we are using two computers through the same modem? That doesn’t really make sense to me as I play other mog’s with my kids and never had a problem. Maybe I am not understanding the OP’s question.

I heard the official answer to submit support ticket. Thank you!

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