My card has been stolen

My name is Javier, I am new and my card has been stolen. I have canceled the payment on this account, but it was charged. If the card company detects new purchases, they will penalize me for being a liar and I don’t have enough money to pay for that. I try to make the ticket for the support, but it doesn’t work. I appreciate your help, my card has been stolen.

Report your card stolen to the credit issuer. No further useage of the card will be possible, and any attempt to do so by any 3rd party will not be held against you.

Log into your Eve account and cancel your subscription. No support ticket is required.
Might want to change your password while you are there.

Sorry bout your card, it has happened to me as well.


A payment was registered, and it’s in my account. I was only asking if you could please make the refund, so they do not charge my card. It happens, they asked me to cancel any subscription. When I canceled it, it was already late. Omega payment on this account had been made.

Ok, cool.

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Open a support ticket, the forums isn’t the place for this.


How long before a Jita dweller asks him to post his CC info so they can refund and look at this right away…

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Just to be entirely clear:

These are forums for players. Sure, you’ll occasionally get CCP employees responding here, but it’s not for support issues.

Those should always go through


For issue with billing the only support option is to submit a ticket. You can email from the registered email associated with the account if you can’t login to submit a ticket at