My contribution to the "Highsec Lobby" initiative

oh that is fine…

Flashry red shoot first. say o/ and gf afterward. No matter the person or corp.


Of course you are still ag :slightly_smiling_face:. One step after the other. Go dunk those dirty miners :smiley:


This is a great thread.

+50 points to Ovendoor


You want highsec to be alive and vibrant, lobby for features that reward spreading out and taking risks. Changes to the game have allowed then entire population to condense into a few dozen systems and be entirely self sufficient (gee, sounds like null). Eve sucks without conflict.


Seems like you were purging your corp…700 members gone…wow…it’s almost like you are running a scam or something…


lmao if there is a bigger pathetic loser in eve I dunno who it is (maybe his ex ag mod friend)

You mean the other spergs who worship those 2 losers :rofl:

Sounds like thomas the embezler who stole all the carebear donations, didnt reinburse anyone and ran away with the isk


@Knowledgeminer Do these other people, who no one ever heard of, hate you, because you’re the only one with a consistent track record of both activity and actual success in what he does?

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Not sure I understand your question. If you’re referring to the AGs that don’t like me, no, it has nothing to do with how good or bad I am at what I do, but rather with me telling them when they do things wrong, make wrong assumptions, etc. Some people simply cannot stand that.

Moreover, some people are not even able to understand that in the first place, and interpret that criticism as me wanting to get attention, or wanting to discourage them, or whatever, because there is simply no other possible explanation for them.

The problem is aggravated by how common it used to be there to say “good job” to anyone that was merely trying to oppose the gankers in any way, no matter how ineffective or irrelevant it was.

Also I’m very hostile and rude against stupidity and especially against unwillingness to learn, but not against ignorance itself, which is how many there interpret it.


Knowledgeminer and his alts have now been banned from the AG channels

The reasons are as follows:

  1. You posted tears on the forums, minerbumping style.
  2. You started targeting a group of thousands of pilots with bumps and ganks due to having a beef with what seems to be just one guy among them.
  3. You keep pointing out the unwillingness to learn in so many different people, over years, but there has been no hint of a true willingness to learn displayed by yourself.

I have been asked to announce this decision publicly on the forums as I am used to dealing with the forum warfare and it was agreed that this thread was the best place to do it. Currently the door is still open for you to discuss this ban further with the leadership of AG.

Seems to me 3 is clearly demonstrated by his willingness to take part in new activities.

Certainly I recall my alts watching KM get called all kinds of things in AG channel for actually explaining things and why they work. Most of those calling him things just didnt like being called out on some inaccurate BS or hatespew they just talked.


He’s doing the most important thing you can do in a video game.

He’s having fun.


What is this AG and how does one become “leadership”? Sounds like fun.


That’ll be AntiGanking, and I think they have a channel for it?

Please feel free to close the door, seal the lock and throw the key. I will continue shooting and harassing gankers because I love to do that, but I don’t want to be part of that “community” anymore.


Fair enough, good luck in shooting and harassing (in game) actual gankers.

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■■■■■■■ losers, all of you.


You seem a bit salty, calm down gankbear!

Of course draccy, if you say so. Friendly reminder: You have forgotten to put me on ignore, please solve that.

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Thanks man, I appreciate it.

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You’re welcome.

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