My Daily Pictures of Cos Play Competition


This is a Post to kick start my campaign as the best dressed Capsuleer in new Eden. I am a Amaar Born, dressed in Blood Raiders Clothing. The Medals i proudly wear is for piracy, mostly smashing and dashing in low sec.

Consider me, Sheltark Sykari, the SS the Double S, the FMP, the frigate Master Pilot, the OMGB, The One Man Gang Bang, to be your community vote. I intend to win first prize, second prize, and third prize, along side the community vote.

See you tomorrow with a new Picture.


I’d show this to my wife but she’d leave immediately for Okkamon.

You have my vote.

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CCP Please, That Man need the 1th Place. And an Eve Partnership.


Preaching the Boom of Okkamon in Amarr. God Bless all People of Amarr!


yeah good onya shelly bring the book of Okkamon to those Stateless sheeple

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The KOL, the Killer of Local, and the giver of PTSD, Post Traumatic Sheltark Disorder!

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Taking a nice stroll in Murethand with the ex Gallente Citizens, they are being re educated in the Caldari way. Doesnt he look happy? I am dressed in my Blood Raiders jacket…which i killed a blood raider for!


This is the finest content in the Game

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He’s not even wearing a costume…


This is top drawer!


Sheltark Sykari, has put more effort into his streams " cos play " then any other streamer ( EVE ) I have seen, he also has a gift in putting in massive amount of energy into his work with his viewers. ( Eve partnership potential ) He has if not increased the mass interest in the Faction Warfare and is also training newbros while he entertains us…

1st place no question asked

" Sheltark Sykari - Okkamon Pride: Glory to the State. "


Costume? Role-play?? “Cosplay”??? Nay, NAY, I say!

I have been watching Sheltark Sykari stream EVE Online (and other games) almost daily for 11 months. There has not been ONE day that he hasn’t been the Double-S, the FMP, the OMBG, and the Giver of PTSD. This pirate has proudly gone toe-to-toe with CCP in public chat, no BS, no a**-kissing. He has fearlessly led newbro fleets into 1DQ. He wrapped Brisc Rubal and The Initiative around his piratey little finger, then shared a hot-tub with them. Even now, he leads the Caldari youth in a charge against the debased Gallente.

The pirate Sheltark Sykari existed long before any proposed “costume contest”. This is not a man in a “costume”. This is not a man “role-playing”. This is the real deal. This is living Lore. This is 100% investment. This is What EVE Should Be. This IS #RealSykariLIfe – and he has already won.

If you all won’t admit it, or give him his rightful recognition–shame, shame, DOUBLE shame!


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