We simply must vote Sheltark Sykari for Lowsec and the Survival of Eve Casual PVP

*Lowsec has been ignored for ****ing forever.

  • Lowsec is the loc for people who don’t have a lot of time to spend on this terrible game, thus reducing bittervet turnover, basically the people who have been with eve since the beginning
  • Lowsec is not for carebears, it does not suck really hard
  • Lowsec is awesome
  • Sheltark Sykari is awesome
    *He will make Amarr great again, also.
    *Lowsec Pirate Ship
    *Bypass Loot fairy.

Sheltark is a true alpha male and has the vote of amarr militia.

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I can’t in good conscious vote for somebody that injects “bruh” between every syllable.

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Boi your name is in leet speak

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Welcome to CSM Campaigns “All campaigns threads should be posted by the character that is campaigning.”