My favourite agent mission objective!

I’ve heard of children withdrawing from their parents, usually in anger or resentment, but this is taking things to an extreme.


“It’s probably for the best” :sweat_smile: Nice touch

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you see
a game , with jokes
no harm done


I actually laughed rather hard after I read that. Too bad it was during my lunchbreak at work. I had to ̶l̶i̶e̶ explan to one of my employees the reason why I laughed.

I’m an old fart
I’m sick and tired of the no fun allowed ethos of 2020+++
back them we used to joke all the time
because life is suffering
and you can be sure that tragedies , pain and death will come to every one of us
so we make fun of dark things
to laugh, to alleviate the suffering
to mock the suffering and pretend we can conquer it
and this way we make our life and the life of others light


I’m in complete agreement with your position. I just laughed for different reasons since it involves having kids.

It sounds like “humor privilege” to me.


yeah lets inject a little levity,
all the pharma’s are doing it!
– too dark?
– too soon?


♫it’s a clown world after-all♫

Which drug company is the funny one?

Haha, I never really did missions, but I seen a couple of them and I’m like wow this is some adult content, haha, I’d do them if they were a bit more challenging and less repetitive.


Love this guy

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i like the word bloke
a bloke is way better than a guy in most regards


I agree! I’ve done “Going Berserk” so many times I have the EoM Priest NPC chatter memorized. It’s becoming more like a daily task to do now that I know what to do before it happens.

I would like to see these agents missions not be a self-contained task to do but rather something that leads to the sandbox content (created by players, especially players like yourself!) that shapes what goes on in-game.

…Urrgh …

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SLAP :clap:

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You consent to PvP as soon as your microphone undocks.

But what if my microphone is built in? I think that would be considered permadocked. :slightly_smiling_face:

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