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(yellow parasol) #81

Bounty hunting works. every time a ganker finds someone with bounty, it’s worth it picking that one as target instead of the one who has none. you never know if that shuttle, or pod inside, or that ship, etcetc, isn’t actually worth it. that makes it exciting! there’s always some moron around, who autopilots his pod/ships with dozens of millions bounty and expensive implants in his head. just gotta find them.

The problem with bounty hunting are people who refuse to create suicide ganking alts, and who refuse to group up to hunt for bounty with said suicide ganking alts. you don’t even need to group up, but it widens the spectrum significantly.

(Patti 'Potato' Patrouette) #82

All of the carebears mining in high sec are a threat
to all the other carebears mining in high sec and all other miners.

if you stop to think what they are actually doing in the context of this game.

(Patti 'Potato' Patrouette) #83

Hi fellow spaceman

I would love to discuss eve with you and your ideas for bounties, but first please read the documentation for this game, as I have no desire to discuss a made up game you would like to be playing instead.

In the meantime, I have fixed the bounty hunter system for you.

Decide which CODE characters you want killed and use in and out of game channels eg forums/blog to publicise the fact and the isk payouts offered. You could even start an alt corporation populated with alpha alts and put one in different mission/trade hubs, if you want to RP, and then you can have bounty hunter agents which you, and others if you persuade them to join you, can use to give out bounty missions. You will find this a lot of work, but if successful very rewarding, this is how eve works. It may give you more respect for the individuals who set up and maintain CODE which is more than just a few docked alts.

If you are just angry with CODE because their in game actions are dishonourable or something, good on you for having your own moral code which you RP in game, you should go and kill some CODE guys and girls.

I am not going to offer you serious money, as I have done a young noob who wishes to gank freighter as an alpha, because what he is thinking about doing will take a lot more practice and work than what you are proposing. But the mechanics are there for you to use to your advantage if you wish to gank some CODE ships, no one is stopping you they just might not be paying you.

However, if CODE are as hated as you say, you should find a lot of takers.

Perhaps find some of their biggest victims on the killboards and contact them in game offering to gank specific characters for isk, they might think you are scamming but if you put your money were your mouth is?

Good Luck

EDIT, to change DICKED alts to DOCKED alts

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Some food for thought.

Why would the bounty system need to be “exploit-proof”? It could never be completely exploit-proof, not while players are able to make alts or even make friends in this game. It could not be completely exploit-proof in real life either. Ever seen The Good, the Bad and the Ugly?

And in my opinion it doesn’t need to be. All it needs to be is difficult enough so that you can’t just make an alt and immediately cash on the bounty, that wouldn’t work. But if someone was determined to spend months of game-time to train a character and alt into performing a bounty cashing scam, I don’t see a problem in it. Then it would just be added to the list of legitimate scams in Eve.

(Sy Tarn Thallion) #85

right i know nothing in this game is exploit proof. that’s not the goal here. the goal is to stop the most obvious exploits. I.E. just being able to have an alt claim a bounty on your character. and make bounty hunting an actual profession alongside FW, exploration etc.

a lot of people want bounty hunting to be an actual profession. and my opinion that it should be alot of FW is a sound idea imo.

idk bounty hunting i believe would bring back some of the luster of eve online.

besides some changes need to be made for eve to REALLY flourish again.

(yellow parasol) #86

bounty hunting is a profession roll a suicide ganking char, group up with other suiciders and pick them all apart. also, th

no, it wouldn’t. this is, more often than not, a dream of carebears. there is nothing keeping people from bounty hunting, they simply refuse to do what’s necessary for it. you can do so as suicide ganker in highsec, or otherwise in low or null. it works, the issue are the people.

yay i necro’d a thread. feels cold and kind of bony.

(Mitch Braddox) #87

Yeah, but I agree. The only thing keeping people from bounty hunting is laziness, or lack of courage. As it should be really, because those kinds of things are supposed to be for the very select few only.

(Patti 'Potato' Patrouette) #88

Given the bounty mechanic, and that the payout is a percentage of the value destroyed,
What do people think would be a big enough juicy enough target
For mission runners to engage if it invaded their mission with a suspect timer?

A sort of elite officer spawn- how big would the bounty payout have to be
To make it a worth while ridk/reward for the pve player to take a shot?

50mil, 100, 200? What bounties do the rare spawns in null give?
Don’t pve so don’t know.