My first true PVP experience

So, I tried to do some wormhole PvP tonight… which ended like I thought I would ^^"

Basically : while doing some exploration in a Cheetah, I spot a lone Phantasm doing C4 sites on D-Scan. I thought he was using the Magnetar bonuses to his advantage, so I didn’t really suspected him to have friend nearby. I quickly traveled back to my home, took my trusty Hurricane (and forgot to jump in a clean clone) and joined the fray… And it got me a blapped Hurricane ^^

To be honest : I can’t really get some lessons out of that fight, and that is what’s brothering me the most. Basically, my shields and amor were gone before my two armor repairers could finish their cycle… So yeah, not that great ^^

Anyway, I can now use both T2 artilleries and autocannons… let’s hope I’ll do better next time.

You just learned a valuable lesson:

  • Always know your enemy
    Meaning, read the traits tab of the ship you are trying to engage and ask yourself how that can be bad for you.
    Looking at the Phantasm traits tab would have revealed that 20% afterburner speed bonus which is very bad for your hurricane.

  • Since you live in w-space, ask yourself. Would you run class 4 anomalies by yourself in a pirate faction cruiser without corp / alliance mates nearby?

As elitatwo mentions above, you can indeed learn lessons from the fight (from all fights, no matter how long they last). To expand a bit on those points, intel is an invaluable resource in Eve.

A quick check of the Phantasm pilots KB shows that over the last 4 or so weeks he’s been flying with friends. And prior to your loss, the most recent 3 (4 inc pod) kills he has been involved with used a very similar ship composition to what killed you.

I’d like to think the above info (including the 1.89b legion they got) would have been a strong indicator that a single BC wouldn’t be sufficient to engage the ‘lone’ Phantasm and might prompt you to find corp/alliance/rl mates to assist with the engagement (or not take the fight).

Of course over analysing info can also mean you never engage anything… so there’s a balance to be found, as with all things in Eve. :slight_smile:

There are a few out-of-game tools that are really very good in assisting with intel gathering (zkillboard being one of them). Once you get used to quickly checking these tools prior to an engagement combined with knowledge of the various ships & bonuses I’d like to think the number of ‘quick’ fights you find yourself engaging in will be significantly reduced. can be useful too.


Yup, I was more blinded by my bloodlust here than anything else. I’ve been living in a wormhole long enough to understand how they work, I should’ve asked me those queditions.

Thanks !

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I am glad that you are willing to listen. Of course we all make mistakes which will cost us dearly but reading the forums and asking for advice is always a good thing.

Sometimes I read about things I have never heard of and update my tactics to accommodate the new information.

Over time you should familiarize yourself with all the ships in EVE, at least the subcapital ones.
You don’t have to train them all and you should only train what is important to you and only you.
Whenever you have the time, you should try out what the other empires have to offer, that way you know how those ships behave and know their weaknesses and strengths.
I know most of the traits tabs by heart and at least one standard fit, even if I don’t fly them myself - I still don’t fly matar but you can be sure I know how to beat them.

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Interesting !
Well, now I’m dumbly locked out of the wormhole, so I guess I could try some FW in the meantime… That’s pretty much the only interesting thing I can do while being in Highsec.

Maybe trying solo gank in a Catalyst ? Could be funny, if I find a lone miner !

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It’s a strangely satisfying thing to do.

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