Our PvP Roam - To detailed or just right?

Hi peeps, so yesterday I head out at around 13:00 Eve Time on my own for a bit of solo, I jump from Usi into Ishomilken and saw a Hookbil on scan, I’m in my Federation Navy Comet (Gallente faction frigate) and I have a 8% tracking speed bonus drug plugged, coupled with the ships own bonus, I can do a lot of damage, I jump to the novice after scanning it down and jump in, lo and behold a friend, Darkone040 is the target, we both start shooting each other and I destroy his shield, then he begins to scram/kite (pulling range out of my blasters range for void) I then go to switch to null. Idiot, I did not pull Null in my cargo hold, I’m dead, no way I can tank him long enough for my drones to kill him, so he blows me up and pods me, thanks dark!

I then switch to a standard stabber with a T2 fit. Vulcan Auto’s II, shield buff fit, around 14k shields. Then I move into Okkamon. On the gate is a suspect Comet, Now I’m -7.4 at this stage and flashy red to anyone so I assume he will run the second I uncloak, he does not. So I kill him rather fast and then lock his pod, but then I spot local, he is screaming at me about Eve Online and saying his will uninstall because he no more ISK left, I then say “Don’t fly what you can’t afford to loose” and pod him. Standard practice in Eve Online, if you can’t afford to replace it, don’t fly it.

I then move on and go to Hikkoken area, I land on a gate and 6 destroyers with 3 Kirins land on me, I had already hit jump, this is going to be bad, now I am afterburner fit so this, is bad. I uncloak and try and run for the gate but I am insta webbed and scrammed, no point fighting back with 3 Kirins on field, so i go down in a blaze of glory and get podded, always a fun thing.

I then switch to a Catalyst, I’m a huge fan of these ships in FW (Faction Warfare) areas and head into Uuna, I jump in and a Gnosis instalocks me and proceeds to WTFPWN me. I get the pod out simply because he refused to pod me, people are funny some times, So I’m about 10k from gate so I warp off then come back, he is battling a Cerberus (Heavy Assault Cruiser) and U jump through, then darkone040 tells me that he landed in his Ferox and they proceeded to WTFPWN the Gnosis, So also, I’m on the killmail! Ill take that trade any day.

I then switch to a Hookbil (Caldari Navy Frigate) I’m pure shield buff, I fly down the pipe and try and catch a few things but people are scared of these ships so I can’t find a fight, then I end up in Akidagi, A kestrel takes me on, He is armour buff fit, he id doing a fair amount of damage to me and it’s a fairly balanced fight. Then it get’s interesting, a Vexor by the name of Blath Wilt decides to join in and I get WTFPWNED in seconds, not happy so I give him ■■■■ in local about it. Self destructed and ended up back in Usi, my home system. So that’s around 16:00 Eve Time.


We head out at around 20:45 Eve Time, about 4 of us, Garmur, 2 x Tristan and my Cruor, I get lucky on gates twice with aggressed pods warping in at 0 and I get two pod mails, One with an implant, other is empty. We then jump into Nennamaila and I scan a Confessor, Vigil Fleet Issue, a Punisher and Stileto. We aline and I warp us, Primary is of course the Confessor, we land and it turns out the Confessor is attacking the other three, I call for scrams on all targets and we take down the Confessor, we then switch to the Punisher, he goes down, the Vigil has warped and the Stileto has MWD’ed so far away we can’t catch him. So we leave and warp to another novice. As we land a 14 man Snuff gang lands at the same time, I get wtfpwned and everyone else get’s out as I yelled “■■■■■■■ run”. So I’m killed and podded.
I’m back in Usi and I reship into another comet, plug the drugs in and make my way back. I order the gang to move back to Reitsato asap and we all meet up, the last person enters and we spy a Dramiel at the Novice, we know if we all go, he will run so we send Rabbit Daring in, in a Hull tanked Tristan, she goes in, get’s point and we come in after, we then proceed to wtfpwn the Dramiel and it goes down, but alas, Rabbit is down as well, however, due to her amazing damage and skill at holding him down, the faction web that dropped is awarded to her as a reward, ■■■■■■■ nice job Rabbit Daring. I then give Rabbit a POD Express! Dram kill was valued
We then wait for Rabbit to come back, she is Usi reshipping, she comes back and we move out, we then spy the streamer Andy Virus in local in Hirri, so we send in the Tristan again, he is in a Breacher. She goes in, holds him down and tanks him no issue, after all breachers are rubbish DPS but good at tanking. So we go in, he is dual shield Ancil (medium) so we have to pile on the damage and he goes down. Job done. We then move out into Akidagi, a Wolf doesn’t check his scan and warps on top of us, he goes down fast. We then move onto Aivonen, Send in a bait Tristan and we nail the Punisher after he takes the bait. We then move on to Kinakka, We see three Hookbils and a Comet at a novice, we warp in 5 of us, then run, not sure why, would have been an awesome fight. So we scan around and spy a Stabber Fleet issue at the Medium, we aline and warp, he is outside at 30km from gate, we instantly slam MWDS on at get him, he goes down rather fast, dual armour rep, not able to tank out combined damage, 88mil kill, not bad, we then move onto Eha and a flashy Condor comes in, we nail him pretty fast, cheap kill. Then we head back down the pipe to Hikkoken, and we spy a Cruor, Comet & Incursus in the Novice, so we warp and go straight in, there is now 5 of us, I immediately call for scrams on all and we go to work, Cruor is primary, he goes down, 129mil kill, nice ■■■■ drops, Erin and Piercer get the loot, Incursus goes down, Comet goes down. No lossess. Turns out the Cruor was fighting the other two, we ruined his party :stuck_out_tongue:
We then jump into Pynekastoh, there is a Fleet Issue Scythe on gate about 15k off, I go for tackle and he gets away warping to a Medium, we let him go, way to much on scan, turns out the Scythe warped to the medium with a Coercer fleet sat outside, w00t, got on his killmail, at this point Erin and Peircer are going, it’s 11:30UK time, it’s getting late. So we then, just head back up the pipe towards our home, we jump into Ishomilken and Spy an Incursus and Tristan on the Novice, I warp us in and they are friends, sat outside, before they can react they are both scrammed and webbed. Both go down fast and we call gf’s in local. We then warp to a structure and repair. We then spy a Stabber at a medium, we warp in, his is 60k off the gate, I then clear comms and warp us to another medium at 30k off gate, I turn my mwd heated and wait for the Stabber, sure enough he comes in at 60, I am now moving at 6k ms a second and have him scrammed/webbed, everyone piles on, he goes down, he manages to kill me however, but traded a 24mil loss for a 32mil kill.

So that’s it, it’s midnight, we are tired, we are all UK/Eu based and it’s time for bed, it was a great day and fleet, more to come!

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gj evo would recommend 10/10

tyvm Jc!

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