My main

(Solonius Rex) #21

This is my main, but not my main.

This main has not been a mainstay of the game because of a train.

The train of life.

Life is my main, but my alt is a grain on a sandy plain.

Much like a crane that keeps me sane.

Now i am slain.


(Mark O'Helm) #22

I am my own main.
But i am not my oldest main.
That title goes to my now useless Dust514 main.

(The Golden Serpent) #23

I used to be a main now I’ve been replaced by a Brutor who works for the Society of Conscious Thought :frowning:

(Mr Epeen) #24

I’m the only one of my characters who’s name I remember without having to look it up on my notepad.

Does that make me my main?

I dunno. Maybe. vOv

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

(Avaelica Kuershin) #25

That is scary. Just how many characters do you have?

(Mr Epeen) #26

I have quite a few . But usually I’m using only one or two at a time.

I’ll use them for a month or two and then get bored of whatever they’re trained for and resub a different one for a while. I can go two years before I get around to playing the same one again.

But since 09/09/2009 I’ve always had the acct active with Mr Epeen on it. It had to be that way until F2P if I wanted posting privileges. And now it’s just a habit. Plus I have a builder on it that keeps me in PLEX and SP for extraction. So there’s that.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

(DeMichael Crimson) #27


To the OP,

Doesn’t matter which character is being used, when it’s active, it’s the main.

Don’t feel bad, years ago another character and I had a constant Forum Flame War happening until he decided to take it into the game and escalate it. He put out a paid Assassination Contract on me with a Merc Corp. Took them a few weeks but eventually a 1/2 dozen Battleships with Combat Drones caught me by surprise while I was engaged with NPC’s in a 0.7 high sec system.

Lost a T3 Loki Cruiser and Pod full of Implants. However Revenge is a dish that’s best when served cold. About a month after that a friend of mine and I ran a 2 bill ISK scam by selling him some non-existing Rage Tear chat logs.


(Lunar K'Rnlav) #28

Oh main…

(Dravick Afterthought) #29

Thanks, but I don’t feel bad, I just vainly hoped it wasn’t as toxic* as every newgroup, mailing list and forum I’ve belonged to since the days of Usenet… One of these days my boundless optimism will be the end of me :grinning:

Nice revenge btw :+1:

* In the main it’s a friendlier and more welcoming forum than most, actually - but every forum everywhere has its share of dickheads, it must be a law of nature or something.

(Solstice Projekt) #30

“My player” is my main.
“I” am just a protagonist, an “actor” on a virtual stage, or maybe even “the act itself”, so to speak.
All “my player’s” characters are just symbolic “alts”; They are his acts.

(system) #31

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