My Year in Eve video shut down a day early

I know I was foolish to wait until the last day but the e-mail I received said that I had until January 30 to download and save the “My Year in Eve” video.

Well as of 1100 hours or so today (January 30) the video is unavailable, and a support ticket (which was answered INCREDIBLY fast by a GM) says that the video is no longer available.

It seems to me that CCP took the videos down a day earlier than they said they would. Clearer communication would seem to be in order . I’m very upset at losing a chance to save this Eve memento.

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It didnt say untl the end of Jan 30th. Which means Jan 30th it goes away.

CCP seems to do everything based on the daily downtime, so things end a bit earlier than most people think.

Semantics I suppose, but if I have a project at work due on Wednesday (for example) that means I have until Wednesday to turn it in, like, I can walk in on Wednesday and hand it over.

They should have said until 29 January, if they were going to shut it down on 29 January. Or as Xeux mentioned, say until downtime. Could even say until 1100 Zulu 29 Jan, to give a clear time.

Either way I should have just downloaded it when I read the message in the first place but I was busy.

It’s not the end of the world either way.

You get used to it. CCP is vague, but consistent.

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OP, you are basing things on the UTC time zone that ccp goes by, right?

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It is 1230 on Jan 30, where I live (CST Texas, USA) as I type this

You cannot be really this stupid, to blame CCP when you are too lazy…


There are any number of places in all sorts of guides etc that explain EVE uses UTC as the standard (often referred to as “EVE Time”) as this is a very very good way to “standardise” all the ingame timings like fleets/timers/mining calendars etc.

I get that it may not fit in with your personal schedule but look at it sensibly: If I am in a fleet and the FC says “if there are no objections we all need to meet back here at 18:00 tomorrow to make sure is done” there is not a cacophony of everyone else saying “what 18:00 - mine or yours or what?” as it is a standard time. It is in the bottom left of your client screen if you need to know what it is at any point. It is also on the launcher so you don’t even need to log in to see it!

I get you wanted your video but… unlucky. You had plenty of time to do it already if it really mattered to you.

EDIT: The fleet thing was just an example, not from personal experience. I’m not the dude people have in their fleets. You may have already assumed this but I felt it better to be clear.

They didn’t. It shut down at downtime on 30 Jan.

Downtime has been the time CCP change things for 20 years. This isn’t new.

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If a store says they are having a sale that ends on January 30th, but the store closes at 6 PM, and you show up at 10 PM shouting and banging on the doors screaming “ITS STILL JANUARY 30TH WTF”, you will look like an idiot.


Right now as I type this it is still Jan 30, eve time. Jan 30, 2020 2000 hours UTC to be exact.

Apparently eve downtime is at 1100 everyday. So that would be like 5 am or my time.

So when CCP says something lasts until Jan 30, they mean only until 1100 hours on that day, still relatively early that day, and 5 AM my time that day.

I don’t think I’m an idiot (Dono Tashu) for not knowing that a day ends at 5 AM, or even 11 AM. But I know now.

Anyway I get it, and I will know for the future that a Eve day ends at 1100 UTC (which you have to admit is pretty early to end a day).

I guess if i was in charge it put a exact time in the correspondence. IE, the video is available for download until 1100 UTC Jan 30, then there would be very little room for misunderstanding. Or make it last until down time the next day so that is available all of Jan 30 (or whatever day in this scenario) for everyone across the flat earth (kidding, globe).

At any rate thanks for helping me understand how it works, bummer I missed out, but as was stated I should have made it a higher priority.

Yes. Since this world is round, 11:00 AM at some place, will be another time at another place on this planet.


Well, we can figure this out.

Did you know about the existance of Downtime?

Did you know that if there is a shop in California that you want to phone, and they are only open from 9 AM to 5 PM, and you live in another timezone, that you cant simply phone them when it is 9 AM for you, and expect them to be open?

Couple that with…

Did you expect that CCP would make this unavailable based on each individual Timezone?

Do you know of any company that does this, for any of their events?

When you combine those two, the answer becomes fairly obvious.

Yeah but for me it is 11:00 and in Germany it is 12:00 and in Aus it is 21:30 and 22:00 and 23:00 - so what?

Not being funny but the time is the time and that’s, you know… the time.

For you it is 30th at 05:38, for me it is the 30th 20:38 and in Australia it is bloody tomorrow already!! But then they are a bit, well you know what I mean.

I am sorry you didn’t get it but then, just think how much you will appreciate the next one! Probably. No guarantees.

God forbid CCP actually be specific and say download it before:

-0:00 UTC January 30, or

  • downtime on January 30,
  • or any other specific date and time.

But hey, as long as you Dono Tashu gets to call someone stupid, it’s all good.

Yeah… for the record I didn’t. I was actually being sympathetic to you but now I am not.

Fk you and your whining.

I didnt call him stupid. But this is something that takes 10 seconds to do. Procrastination sometimes doesnt pay off, and you take the risk of procrastination with missing the deadline. Its always been like that.

Pop quiz:

You cannot be really this stupid, to not see that Dono Tashu called him stupid.

Did I just call you stupid?

EDIT: No, you didn’t.

Okay I edited it to say I didnt call him stupid.

Now, will you edit your comment to say “But hey, as long as Dono Tashu gets to call someone stupid, its all good”?