Nadire District Parliament Constellational Bulletin - Nadire's Top 5 Most Wanted

The following list of individuals has been released by the Nadire District Parliament’s Justice Ministry. They are composed of the most dangerous criminals currently thought to reside within the Nadire constellation. If any of these individuals are sighted or if anyone has credible information pertaining to their whereabouts, please do not approach or attempt to apprehend them as they have proven extremely dangerous and resistant to capture. Unless you are an authorised and accredited member of the Universal League of Bounter Hunters, chartered under the Federal Administration’s remit or are licenced by the District Constellation, please contact the nearest Field Office of the NDP Justice Ministry immediately.

From the Office of the Nadire District Justice Marshal

Artey Vinck

Bounty – 15,000,000 ISK

Captain Artey Vinck, once one of the most prosperous and successful civilian traders operating within the Nadire Constellation, now a fully-fledged member of the Angel Cartel. Initially suspected to be a victim of an extortion attempt by Serpentis affiliates operating in the Constellation, it was eventually discerned that Captain Vinck had developed ties with the Cartel and was afforded the rank of Captain within their hierarchy. The aforementioned affiliates were found dead, bound and shot execution style, in an industrial estate in the city of Rhamnus on Assiettes VI.

This individual is suspected to be involved in Cartel and Serpentis Corporation narcotics distribution networks, specialising in X-Instinct Distribution, overseeing their delivery from the region of Fountain into the Nadire Constellation and subsequently further into Federation territory. Captain Vinck is wanted for questioning by the Federation Marshals Service and the Federation Customs Narcotics Control Commission related to these alleged activities.

Captain Vinck is known to fly a Tyrent -class Battleship of Cartel design. His last known whereabouts are suspected to be within the Nadire Constellation, although sightings have been reported across the low-sector regions of the Federation where the Serpentis Corporation has a presence.

Kucille Thoumand

Bounty – 12,500,000 ISK

Kucille Thoumand, a female of Intaki ethnicity, from the colony of Roupare on Allipes IV. Initially a Customs Officer for the Allipes Bureau of Trade, she along with several others were the subject of an internal affairs investigation concerning corruption within the BoT. She was found guilty of facilitating the transportation of narcotics past screening at the behest of Serpentis Corporation members and was able to effect an escape from Allipes Gendarmerie custody in an ambush which left a Gendarmerie officer dead and three others seriously wounded.

Confirmed as a mid-level officer within the Serpentis Corporation and is believed to be working with local criminal organisations upon Allipes IV and Allipes V as a go-between for the procurement of narcotics and armaments. She is wanted for her involvement in a shootout that occurred during the midst of a Justice Ministry and Narcotics Control Commission raid on a suspected drug deal in YC119, leading to the deaths of five suspects and two Justice Ministry officers. Additionally, she is wanted on charges of narcotics and armaments trafficking to unlawful entities and conducting trade without correct licencing, as well as her prior conviction for corruption in lawful office.

Mme. Thoumand is known to be armed as well as having a detachment of Guardian Angels as her personal bodyguard. She is considered highly dangerous and extremely resistant to any attempts at taking her into custody.

Aruzhan Nuraliev

Bounty – 15,000,000 ISK

Captain Aruzhan Nuraliev, a female of Khanid ethnicity, former officer and thirty year veteran of the Royal Khanid Navy. Retired with full honours after a distinguished career in the RKN Second Fleet and subsequently found employment outside of the Kingdom as a mercenary leader. A suspected senior player within a rogue slaver band headquartered somewhere in the Domain region near the Esmes-Basan border that has launched raiding parties into Nadire and other areas of low-sector Federation space.

This individual is suspected to be involved in the disappearance and abduction of numerous Federation and Nadire citizens from civilian convoys as well as isolated planetary and space colonies. Although ‘legal’ Khanid Kingdom sanctioned slave raids ended upon the Kingdom’s accession to CONCORD, multiple ‘rogue’ outfits are still presumed to be in active operation. Captain Nuraliev is wanted by the Federation Marshals Service and the Justice Ministry for questioning related to these charges as well as accusations of piracy on the Nadire spacelanes.

Captain Nuraliev is a seasoned naval officer and should not be considered an easy target should they be sighted on the spacelanes. If seen, attempt to hail the Federation Navy or Customs for assistance as they are likely to be operating military-grade starships and equipment from Kingdom shipwrights and outfitters.

Pakudo Sailanen

Bounty – 10,000,000 ISK

Pakudo ‘Set Sail’ Sailanen, a male of Deteis ethnicity, a former mining executive within Astral Mining Inc. that was reported as being laid off during a period of cutbacks and lack of investment from AMI into the Nadire Constellation. It is assumed that this action led to a grudge forming in Monsieur Sailanen as it was discovered that he had downloaded the shipping manifests for ore convoys from the low-sector areas of Nadire where Astral Mining were in operation. This was found out too late to prevent three Astral Mining Inc. cargo vessels from being interdicted and boarded by independent pirates, as well as the theft of an Astral contracted Iteron Mark Five industrial starship laden with processed Zydrine and Megacyte bound for a Federation Navy shipyard. A voice was heard similar to Monsieur Sailanen urging the crew to ‘set sail’, granting him his nickname.

Monsieur Sailanen is wanted by the Justice Ministry to face charges of piracy and conspiracy to commit acts of grand theft of assets from Astral Mining Inc. In addition, he is accused of being the mastermind behind several heists involving precious metals from planetside warehouses. A bounty of ten million credits has been issued for him to be taken alive and brought into custody.

His last whereabouts are unknown, but is still thought to reside within the Nadire Constellation in carrying out his vendetta against Astral Mining Inc. Although his escapades have rarely resulted in fatalities, this suspect is still considered incredibly hazardous due to his intellect and ability to have outsmarted investigators. Do not underestimate this target.

Retthias Pranson

Bounty – 5,000,000 ISK

Retthias Pranson, a male of Ethnic Gallente descent, is a former senior director at the Assiettes National Banking Corporation. He is wanted by the Justice Ministry and the Rhamnus Financial Guard for gross misconduct and criminal activities related to defrauding consumers as well as laundering illicit funds from the proceeds of crime on behalf of several crime families within the city of Rhamnus.

His last whereabouts are unknown, but it was confirmed that before he was due to be charged he boarded a private charter vessel from the Port of Adrasteia towards the low-sector area of the Nadire Constellation, in the direction of Rhaeghoscon. It is assumed that he is laying low under an assumed identity. A bounty of five million credits has been issued for him to be taken into custody alive.


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