[NADSC] Public Announcement – Battle of Colelie Memorial

Authorised for release from the NADSC Office of Public Relations:

26th April YC121
Assiettes VI - Port of Adrasteia Field Office
Office of Public Relations

To the Summit and all those that read this message,

Six years ago, a tragedy befell the people of both the Federation and the Republic. The death of former Republic Prime Minister Karin Midular and all those that lost their lives in the terrorist attack on Caille. The Battle of Colelie where thousands of men and women again lost their lives in a fratricidal affair. The tension and strife that was sown between those that identify as Gallente and Matari, or share their customs and ancestry. This was a dark time between our respective nations, one that threatened to tear apart those that had stood united for over a century in an alliance that is the envy of the cluster.

This year, in YC121, we will commemorate those lost in YC115.

On the 11th of May, at 21:00 New Eden Standard Time, a memorial will be erected in the system of Colelie at the site of the battleground between the Federation Navy and the Republic Fleet, dedicated to the memory of those that lost their lives in service to their countrymen and women.

This event will be open to all that are willing to pay their respects, and it is our sincerest to see many of those that were there on that day as a matter of remembrance, forgiveness and reconciliation for both sides, and to show that the bonds between the Federation and the Republic have not been broken.

The event details are as follows:

Where: Colelie System, in space.

When: 21:00 11th May YC121

What: A memorial for the Battle of Colelie in YC115

Who: Federation and Republic loyalists, participants in the Battle of Colelie. Others are welcome as long as they are respectful and tasteful with their presence and comments.

Sincerest regards,

Edward Adams
Nadire Security Consultants


I will do my best to be there.

Elsebeth Rhiannon
Electus Matari
FC in Colelie, YC115-05-07


I will be there.


As will I. Let us make this is a first step to mending the wounds created on that day.


I will also be there. Time does not heal all wounds.


I’m unlikely to be available at that time, but my thoughts will be with all in attendance, and I’ll look forward to visiting the memorial at a later date.


I’ve probably criticized Republic - and a lot - for this action. And I still bring this as example why I wouldn’t trust the Republic as an ally of our State.

But after all that, looking back at what have happened… it is still good that someone stood up to show the Federation its place, even if it was unsuccessful, the effort was worth it. Sometimes the determination worth more than the result. It was shown to gallenteans that they won’t be tolerated.

To commemorate this event, I’ll burn some frogs and raise my glass for all who have fallen, fighting against slimy gallentean scum, even if they were enemies.

Remember, Ladies and Gentlemen, all the evils in our cluster are possible only while good people tolerate it. But could they be considered good at all if they’re tolerant? Maybe they’re just as evil as those whom they tolerate. Down with the weakness known as tolerance.

The Federation must be destroyed!

You’re welcome to visit Federal space during this event and experience all the wonderful sights and sounds of Comets and blasters at your leisure! I will personally tour you through this wonderful experience, if you so choose.

In seriousness, have some tact, as difficult as that may seem. Please remember that your commentary does nothing to insult those who you wish to insult, and only embarrasses you and yours.


I didn’t do or say anything that would embarrass me or our citizens.

But of course, gallentean “morals”: couple useless civvies get burned and they squeal all over cluster. A company of good and capable soldiers died with honor and weapons in hand - and they just ignore that like nothing happened. Disgusting! Gallentean culture and morals are disgusting. I’ll never get tired of repeating that.

And if that comment somehow made you believe I’d side with minmatars in this conflict - you’re deeply mistaken. I’d shoot them both.

So, why would you say that would embarrass me? Only for some gallentean bootlickers to agree with you? Maybe you will “win” some popularity in the Federation for that, but, trust me, that’s insignificant with all other people who will consider that it’s you who are embarrassing yourself.

Please don’t feed the pathetic, disrespectful, singular minded troll. Thanks.


I am sorry.
I knew Charles for a quite long time already and really should just have ignored his pathetic jab. I’ll try not to feed him in the future, please excuse me everyone!

Seconded on what Captain Drakonis has stated. Don’t let the pathetic, passive aggressive vitriol distract from what we are coming together to do here.

The Malkalen memorial thread is a perfect example of how one should treat disrespectful posts. With ignorance.


I see you treat too many things with ignorance, “commander”. I wonder, if it is a prerequisite to become a traitor?

Please, please, please, ■■■■ off.


“Haha you fool, screaming at me to ■■■■ off just makes my opinions worse!”


Honestly sometimes I’m amazed the Fed doesn’t declare itself ‘destroyed’ just to shut her up.

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Sometimes I wonder: could something be declared to make Arrendis shut up? Or done? Or is it inevitable, because if it gonna explode, it will explode and will make all of us to move noses away from that stench?
I wish she was a Caldari State citizen. Then we would just lock her up in asylum and she would stop disgusting people with her… “comments”.

Please, at least on this day of all days -

Can you people show some respect and take your infernal ceaseless bickering to the Off-topic tread?


In order to prevent such tragedies from repeating themselves, we must remember them. Villore Accords continues to mourn the loss of life on both sides. I will do my best to be at the memorial.


Confirming once more, that barring any unforeseen emergencies, I will be there shortly.

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