Name Change Certificate

Yup, the ostriches want to believe char transfer doesn’t exist.


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he said all those characteristics would stay with the pilot even after name change. so if you have someone mark bad that would stay with them when they change names. so on and so on. Its a good idea when buying/selling characters. if your into farming characters one might not buy your character if they dont like the name or vise versa if i buy a character i want to name him in line with my other characters. just my thought on it.

Your name and reputation are who you are in EVE. They determine who trusts you, who hates you, and what social group your choices have embedded you within.

Your appearance? Totally irrelevant, no one really cares about it. Your skills? Replaceable, anyone can train into anything given a few months of time. Your reputation, who is willing to fly with you, and who wants you dead? Everything, totally unreplicatable, requires potentially years of social activity and the acceptance of other players (or churning their ire) to obtain. You shouldn’t be able to discard a name simply because it has become problematic or recognizable.

This sounds great and all… but not in reality.

as pointed out…
changing reputation/names is possible, for the players that can afford to plex and buy skill extractors.
or for the players who are well set up with isk. its even possible to buy a pilot, that has all the skills you want, but you forgo the naming option.

as said before me, There is already plenty options to change names - as there should be.
the option to change name should however NOT be based on financial status ingame or irl…

4b for renaming certificate sounds about right.

if i where to use skill extractors, i would end up at well over 1000$

I don’t see a problem with changing the name of your character, as long as it’s handled like a character transfer and listed in your character info sheet for all to see. Players could still see what your name used to be and if someone had you blacklisted/blocked/flagged under your old name, then you would still be blacklisted/blocked/flagged under your new name as well.

Not a good idea. A character’s name is its identity, and in a game that breeds paranoia, messing with IDs is like mixing vodka with gasoline: you can drink it fine, but you may not survive the experience.

i agree completely. as long as the name change is visible and all flags and marks still apply there really is no problem.

You know, it might be not a taboo, but rather a technical limitation.

No, don’t you read??

It is not, we have char transfer and skill injectors.

In fact with a name change we would KNOW, the way it is now that person you THINK you know, is a total stranger.

It is the opposite of what you think.

The GMs change names all the time.

100% on this.

Furthermore, I think most people (like me) would be happy with a once-in-a-lifetime name change (or something close to that), so I don’t see how much game breaking could that be. It’s not that it should be allowed to change a name every week (or even every month for that matter).

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Why make it once in a lifetime? To intentionally limit income?

The reasons given apply to name change 10 just as much as name change 1.

It’s not a technical limitation. CCP use an account & character number. The character name is just a string attached to that number.
However the arguments made above for no name changes stand up just fine still.
Obviously CCP can decide they are less important than the pro arguments, as there is a case each way, and the reasons aren’t exclusive.

Yes whatever you say but it will never happen because CCP can already just let you buy a ton of injectors to do this instead of one certificate.

No one really does that and CCP knows it. Rename via skill injectors is a theory.

most likley, only the rich would re-name with injectors, i think for the avrage joe, i hope, they are atleast smart enough to sell their charachter on bazzar and/or nieche their toon into a usefull alt, like fax or whatnot.

to sum it all up, not having a name change certificate…only adds salt and player discomfort.
there is no real advantages to having the same name forever, its all fake and BS reasons and only applies to the version of eve that had a player base of 500 people.

(There is no tecnical reason behind current name change policy)
CCP change their names “all the time” / when they are “outed” as ccp…
there is also possible to make smaller name changes now, or completley change name of fresh toons.
also “name change”-certificate was live on chinesse servers@4b.

I figured it out once, it was 10s of thousands!

On the face of it, it looks cheaper, but:

You loose the first 5 million, cannot be extracted.
The injection has diminishing returns, eventually only 300k for a 500k injector.

So in the end it is not just the injectors, it is the cost of buying outright millions of SP on the market to replace the 5m and the diminishing returns.