Naming systems

I realize this isn’t a new idea, however there are some ways to address concerns people have had in the past.

potential issues:

  1. If we’re going to pay an npc corp to name a system, what possible reason would there be for it to own such rights, especially in nullsec?

Local is handled by the fluid router network. Just have the bill be paid to concord and problem solved.

  1. Learning routes, names of systems and how they connect is important gameplay. Being able to rename your systems to mess all that up would have real gameplay impacts, not just cosmetic benefits.

‘chosen name’ FD-MLJ

You can keep the static name while tacking on the named portion before or after it.

  1. Vulgar language.

Content moderation can be handled in the same way station, alliance, corporation, and character names are handled.


  1. Own system sov.

  2. Offer an amount of money in a blind auction format as a bribe to concord to change the system name.

  3. If the amount offered is above the threshold, (ie: x% more than was offered previously for that system,) the system’s name changes to the desired name in exchange for the offered amount of isk.

  4. If the amount is below the threshold, the alliance still loses the amount of isk and the system name doesn’t change.

  5. In case of naming violation, a GM will delete the name and keep the new isk threshold in place.


It’s a massive isk sink targeted at the richest in new eden while giving those players a legacy in return. Keeping the threshold amount blind helps to foster legacy.

Why ask for players to be able to name systems then ask for players to be restricted when naming systems? If I’ve paid for it, I want to name it whatever the ■■■■ I want. Your suggestion in it’s entirety both argues for and against your request.

It allows players to put their legacy on it, while allowing the permanent name to still exist for those who are used to the old name.

I suppose you could have an option to hide the original name in the client.

No as far as naming it what you want. They still have to abide by pg13 ratings and having people from naming their system “pocket of pussies” would go against that.

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What is this forum rated to?



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