Renaming Systems/Planets

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could rename an owned null-sec star system or planets within the system? You would have to pay an NPC corp that sells certificates to do so. The certificate would cost, let’s say 1 billion ISK. When you have the certificate you have to take it to the infrastructure hub and place it in the item hanger, right-click and press rename system and planets and rename it everything however you like (moderation on names would be very nice as well). I think this would be an amazing thing to use to customize a null-sec system. What are your guy’s thoughts?

I have always been surprised this wasn’t part of sovereignty - but I suspect it is because they would mostly be variations of profanities.

That is the reason why I added moderation would be amazing as well


What possible reason would there be for an NPC corporation to own such rights, especially in nullsec?

First of all it is all for cosmetics you can not do it at all if you want, second of all the reason why an NPC corp is to destroy ISK which CCP has been trying to do lately.

No it wouldn’t.
Learning routes, names of systems and how they connect is important gameplay.
Being able to rename your systems to mess all that up would have real gameplay impacts, not just cosmetic benefits.

Apparently gang members like to rearrange street signs in the ghetto in order to make it harder for police to get around and find places. Naturally, this would be annoying, but it could conceivably be used to slow down hunter and enemy fleet movement.

One reason to use it, but it would come at a very big price to balance that (1 bil was only a starting price that came into my mind)

So long as it is YOUR owned systems you can do whatever you want with them. You cannot change the names of low-sec and high-sec systems (because that would be way too broken (Jita for example being renamed would be disastrous). But I do see the little road block you are saying, this is just a concept and maybe if CCP considers this they maybe able to find a way around it.

There are a few named planets in the game. It seems harmless. You can still see the planet number. Even if you renamed a system, the original designation could still show up in parenthesis.

I think you just found a way around the road block. Maybe there can be a setting to show the original names of systems. While still being renamed to other people with it disabled.

Doesn’t need to be an in-game feature. Just start calling systems whatever you and your friends want to call it.

This is already a case in WH’s.

It might, maybe be cool if you could rename systems inside your own interface, just for your own reference.

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I like that idea, it makes it so you don’t disrupt trade lines/ travel routes in null. AND you still get to name your system and planets.

That maybe the case with other systems in null, but I like more physical reference then non-physical

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