Nebulae and stars are STILL too bright

As seen several times in this video the pilot is forced to move his camera away from nebulae in order to be able to manually pilot, this is in contrast to older video’s such as where the pilot can easily manually pilot without unpleasant and unnecessarily bright nebulae interfering

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All the cool kids manually pilot in UI only mode. You should try it.

Yeah, well, some ppl don’t want to play that way.

Which is precisely what CCP and the hardcore Nullsec players who care about in the CSM fail to recognize: Carebears and casuals are not likely to react in a positive way to people telling them “you have to play like me, or else you can **** off”.

(“You have to pilot in manual mode” / “Let’s force everyone into PvP because people who don’t enjoy that should not play PvE” / “let’s focus all our resources on improving the game for nullsec alliances” – that has led to a situation where the tutorials are still hard to get, there hasn’t been a new PvE mission added over the last ten years, and design decisions such as adding the Triglavians or this year’s stupid Halloween event show a huge middle finger to highsec players with no interest in PvP. This arrogance - as displayed by you, and to some extent CCP and that CSM thing - annoys many players who aren’t into the content you’re pushing.)

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