Need Help Finding Best Deal on Buying Skill Points

I saw one the other day for 43 dollars for 1.6m SP’s but it’s not there anymore.

How do the referral skill points get paid out?

Please help!

You need to use a referral link when you sign up for an account. The points will then get put in the redeeming system (bottom bar when on the character login screen, or an icon in the bottom left corner of the screen in game). If you didn’t use one when you created your account, you might be able to petition a GM. And, of course, you should create and use your own referral links for any alt accounts that you create.

Offers will change over time. The Oz will frequently provide breakdowns of packs, and whether or not they are worth it.

Do note, however, that because skill injectors give diminishing returns based upon how much total SP you have, the packs typically don’t start becoming worth it until you hit 80mil+ SP. Thus, you’re often just better off buying plex, selling it for isk on the market, and then buying skill injectors on the market.

And don’t even get me started on CCP selling SP directly to players.
No P2W


buying SP , what has eve come to :frowning: sad times.


Thanks so much for your response.

We have to replace all the ships you blow up!!!

What has that got to do with it?

(Aside from “no, you dont”)

I guess he means that he needs ISK to buy ships he lost at some camp. And to get that ISK, he extracts skill points and sells the extractors.

What if each time someone bought SP, another randomly selected player lost the same amount of SP? That would have been fun!

Keyword for every dumb idea on EVE forums.


Well thats a silly thing to do

That’s a special offer for your account, I’ve had it appear on my account a couple of times now.

There are also some Skill Training Packs available…

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