Need help to login

hi. im trying to come back to eve, but im having problems with getting my VERIFICATION CODE its sending it to a hotmail address which isnt in use anymore. want it sent to a gmail address can someone help my. its my main account from 2006 i dont want to loes it


… I’m not sure how you should proceed exactly but if you can’t even login with that account, you should probably ask the Devs, or Admins, for help. I’m not sure if they reply to private messages, but its worth a shot…

… Also, my first reply ever so take what I said, not only with a grain of salt, but with a huge tanker of salt. Not to insult or demean anyone, but not all companies have the same kind of support.

thanks im hoping a dev or admin will see this and get in touch

I hope they do.

… But you’ll end up getting in trouble because of the launcher. Apparently, its crashing -everywhere- because its installing Win10 specific VCRedist (Visual C++ Redistributable) AND calling Wacom Tablet specific instructions. I suggest you check the launcher problem section in the Forum for more info, since this problem is persisting from July of this year…

… And it still hasn’t been fixed. The only thing that has been fixed are the workarounds that fellow pilots attempt to keep playing. You don’t login on the Launcher again, since it opens a secondary browser window for it, and login isn’t accepted (despite appearing that it did) if you don’t have the launcher updated to the latest version. This, I attempted to do already.

I don’t want to sound pessimist but, since there’s a fine line separating pessimism from realism, I doubt you’ll be able to run the launcher if you manage to login with that account.

@CCP, you should change the minimum system requirements to Win10, and hardware requirements to Tablets since your real intent is to drive players for it. People are voting with their wallets… Even me, since I was planning to cough up some for your company… -was-, not anymore. I’m staying Alpha and I’m glad I didn’t make the same mistake most did.

its not launcher problems i have 3 accounts the other 2 work coz i used a gmail and a outlook. the account im try to use is my main char from 2006 which used a hotmail address and the hotmail account isnt aviable anymore so i need to change the email address to get my VERIFICATION CODE to activate my main char. theres no way im loesing my main or i wont be happy with ccp

Oh, I didn’t mean it like that. I’m just saying that even if you manage to get help from the devs regarding that issue, you’ll probably find problems with the launcher afterwards.

I hope CCP will answer to you, since they aren’t answering to -anyone- with launcher problems… Or fixing them.

its cool mate sorry if i came on to wrong im just abit naft off ive bin playing this game since alpha and this is the 1st time ive had problems logging in apart from a hack i had 10 years ago. thanks for the help anyway

You need to make a support ticket to get the GM’s to help you.

how do i do that

You’ll have to write a petition to CCP and have them change the associated email-address on the account. You’ll likely be asked to provide proof of ownership.

thanks ive tryed that and relised why they didnt reply miss typed email address . trying again, im hoping it works

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