Need important changement of filament activity

I see the new mecanic to pvp filament is very secure, you waiting 15 minuts @ safe and you have 0 risk.

is my opinion but the pvp is cool for the danger, for me the filament is only reactivable in other region where you pop and change couldown for nothing.

Fly safe and lot of kill :slight_smile:

You have 15 minutes to Combat probe them.

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lool good joke go play and stop play safe…

15 MINUTES to combat probe.
Stop being bad.

and 15 minuts wapr safe to safe it’s real engagement?..

Why wouldn’t it be? Are you trying to say there’s a right and wrong way to play the game?

Stop being bad.

Dont blob so hard, people less likely to ‘get safe’

hahahhaa epic joke go play safe bro for you all situation is blob… because you not have balls for engage and ccp understand because is up the brawl gameplay…

sorry, you seem drunk. good luck with that.

and old corp mate of mine once said these wise words.
‘if grandma had balls would be grandpa’

This mechanic has been around long before filaments. Why is this an issue now?

Probably cus it makes it harder to camp and upship to counter…

Kaltenn, please could you do an effort and try to write a proper english? My eyes are bleeding when i try to read you
“all” means plural so…“all situationS ARE”, or “EVERY situation IS”?
you not have balls=> “you DON’t have any ball” or “you have no ball”?
“for engage” => “to engage”?
CCP understand=> “understandS”?
“because is up”=> where is the subject??? is it the “gameplay”?

try to play eve less and spend more times in books?

PS: i am french, and, as everybody knows, we are not fluent in english at all

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