Need in game guidance

would like someone to fly with me or just instruct me in game and, help me figure out what I should be doing next. Kind of hard to figure out because there really isn’t any missions, I can find easily or where to get them. so I could get some new friends to help that would be great. thank you


I’ll help you. Send me a mail about what it is you’re looking to do and what you hope to get out of the game.

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Check the corp search tool in game.

One of the filter options is “new player friendly”

that means they are stating they are prepared to guide & tutor applicants if needed

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For “what to do”, people follow 2 general strategies:

  1. Jump into PVP (which is considered the point and the “fun” part of the game). This typically involves joining one of the many newbie-friendly corps, and relying on them to give you free ships, free ISK, free advice, and daily fun fleet operations. For finding a corp you can use the in-game “Corporations” app to do a search, or the Corporations Recruiting sub-forum here. The big newbie-recruiting 0.0 corporations to search for are Pandemic Horde, Karma Fleet, Brave Collective, etc., but you can also look for a lowsec piracy corp or a much smaller wormhole space corp. Just open the Corporations app in-game, set your filters for “newbie” and “PVP”, and then look up their contacts and chat channel and talk to them.

  2. Stick to PVE for a little bit while you learn the game. This means you’ll have to invent your own goals, and will likely mostly solo whatever PVE tasks you decide on. Money-making PVE activities include:

  • mining - slow and steady, can easily give you a few million ISK starting cash so you can buy some extra skill books

  • agent missions - the tutorial sends you to the Career Agents, and if you do their missions you should get several free ships and some million ISK’s, about 10 million total assets worth that you can use or sell. After that, it’s recommended you go to the Arnon star system, and talk to agent Sister Allitura, for the newbie epic arc The Blood Stained Stars. This should net you another 10 million ISK worth of assets. After that, you can use the in-game Agent Finder app (or the online Agent Finder app) to find more agents to do missions; typically people pick a corp like Caldari Navy / Federation Navy / Imperial Navy / Republic Navy or similar, and climb up the loyalty ranks using the agents within that corp.

  • trading on the market - this one requires money, 50 - 100 million recommended to start with, to make profits by buying things low and selling them high, possibly moving them to where they’re in demand. For example, ammo, gear, and ships moved to the various popular mission agent locations, or to solar systems that are entry points into lowsec or null. Or, just stay at the trade hub (Jita, Dodixie) and anticipate how prices are going to go based on what changes CCP announces or what wars are going on.

  • courier transports - if you’ve trained a decent transport ship, you could take a look at the Contracts interface and look for courier jobs from other players. Be aware that there’s danger of PVP and ganks, and also some scams are possible.

  • industry - Alphas are very limited in the industry area, but if you are Omega and have unlocked the skills, you can start with some limited manufacturing (ammo, popular ships, ship rigs), and gather some income from Planetary Industry, then expand to Tech 2 invention (get blueprints) and Tech 2 manufacturing.

Note that PVE activities don’t really teach you PVP; even the PVE combat missions are different and don’t teach you that much. Missions are about surviving waves of dumb NPCs, PVP combat is about recognizing what ships are a threat just from their name, and about PVP tactics for how to kill fast and gtfo to minimize danger. So if you want PVP you should get into PVP right away, rather than PVE first. A lot of people use alts, too, one for PVE / moneymaking and one for PVP, for example.


Not by everyone. :wink:

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I’ll drop a link below, you are welcome to join my discord and introduce yourself, i’d be happy to answer any questions you have.

If nothing else, best of luck to you and have a good one o7

Thanks for the reply guys, and I have another question, what is the biggest ship that can fit in a station? and if it cannot fit in a station then what the hell do you do if you bought a big badass ship will it be safe if you are logged off? thanks in advance to the answers

The largest ship class that can dock in a standard NPC station, is a carrier, dread or FAX. Super carriers and titans cannot dock in a standard station. Yes if you log out no one can aggro you.

This is a guide that will help you find a corp that is suitable for your needs and wishes.

Good luck :slight_smile: