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Hey everyone so i currently have my main character built around drones, now i was thinking of creating an alt that’s focused on energy weapons, possibly using an Omen or Punisher for T1 Electrics, Any opinions on essential skills to build for that? It would be also build on being as tanky as possible while also having the required dps

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Ship and fit contracted on you in-game. you can look at the fit and inspect it and it gives you some idea about the skills you need. that is very standart fit for New Characters who want to try electrics. you can ask further questions here and get some good advices from other pilots too.
But start with … just check that fit… inspect the modules… And your skill requirements
Good luck .


I mean, why an alt though? If you have Omega you can train every skill and use every ship and module eventually. Most pilots can use all 4 racial types to some degree and all the 4 races share something with one or more other races.

Obviously, things like Amarr Frigate, Destroyer, Cruiser etc are needed to actually sit in the ships, then Small, Medium, Large energy turret to use the turrets.

Turret support skills are universal, train up things like Gunnery, Motion Prediction, Rapid Firing, Sharpshooter, Controlled Bursts, Surgical Strike and Trajectory Analysis. to make your turrets shoot faster, further and do more damage.

Amarr ships primarily use armour to tank, so you want good armour skills like Mechanic, Hull Upgrades, Repair Systems, Armour Layering, and thet 4 types of armour compensation.

Laser pew pews also eat your capacitor alive, so you want good capacitor skills like Capacitor Management, Capacitor Systems Emission and Weapon Upgrades.

Honestly, your best bet is to join a corp and ask them, they’ll be a lot more useful to help you build up skills for this. The above are just a rough guide on what kinds of skills directly help w.r.t. laser ships and amarr.

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