Need more skills

Probably most people have maxed skills by now, how about:

  • skill to boost tractor speeds
  • skill to reduce autopilot warp distances
  • skill to auto recall drones
  • skill to lose less standings when declining missions
  • skill to reduce cap costs while putting modules online in space
  • skill to reduce reloading times of missiles etc even shorter
  • skill to transfer armor points to shield or vice vera

oh, and when is the station to gate without waypoint autopilot exploit getting fixed?

hmm this might be features and ideas…

Long live and prosper.

hahaha, no.

Edit: For a more comprehensive response: They only way to have your skills at the absolute cap (every skill at the maximum level) is to have used (a lot of) injectors. If you’ve been doing that, perhaps you should spend your isk elsewhere?

If you have your current skills at max level, perhaps it’s time you branched out into a different race / professions / activity?

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There are probably fewer than 10 players that have all skills maxed. Hell, there may not even be but 2 or 3. There’s something like 300 million SP worth of skills.

Its called logistics and its been around since thw beginning of eve.

Social and connection skills.

Stop being lazy. Use shift r.

Autopilot, hell no. You shouldn’t be awarded for your laziness. Every autopiloted ship deserves to be ganked.

As far as missions go, as long as you don’t refuse a mission from the same exact agent less than four hours apart, you incur absolutely no standings loss…


Try 500 million.


And will be even more with the Triglavian ships and weapons coming up…

427 million, if memory serves me right. If you add exclusive skills that we don’t have access to, like Omnipotence, CONCORD and Polaris, you end up with around 478 million(?).

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Maximum’s just over 500m as of right now, considering all player-available skills (thought not necessarily skills that are either useful OR still available).

Hm, CCP must have added quite a bunch since last I checked.

A lot of new skills were added last fall with refineries - ore skills for all the new moon ores and reaction skills.

A few new ones will be added for the Triglavian ships & mods in 2 weeks.

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