What is the maximum amount of time to train all of the skills

I was wondering recently what the maximum time would be to train all of the skills in the game with an omega account. I have seen some ships that require skills that take 2 years to train so I’m very interested and want to find out how long it would take t train them. Also, has anyone actually ever trained them to 100%?


In total there are more than 473 millions of Skillpoints…

just skilling the regular way would need something like 22 or 23 years…

Yes, some toons are full skilled… they used piles of Injectors…
To buy them you would need a lot of $ or few trillions ISK.


been skiling sense 2008 and still have a long long way to go, and have only used 3 skill injectors and that was years ago when they first came out, it is not logical now being I would only get 150k of SP, so now so I just wait till they finish.

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Well, trying to max out every skill would be an arduous task for most players. Fortunately, it’s not needed. Player skill is the single biggest factor in determining outcomes, and being smart about what you train will allow you to participate in and be competitive in a bunch of different activities relatively quickly.

I know training for a lot of ships might seem like a long road when first starting out, but there is a great deal of skill overlap between a lot of different ships. Moreover, you don’t have to completely max out a ship in order to be competitive. Once again, player skill matters more than character skill, and two, most players you go up against aren’t going to be 18 year old vets with maxed out skills. Yes, there are some ancient vets running around, but players are constantly coming and going (how many games have you played for 18 years straight?). Thus, the average player age is probably closer to 2 or 3 years. So, you really only have to worry about being able to compete with the average player, and not the rare vet who’s been playing since beta (and who is also good. Remember, age doesn’t mean that they’re actually any good at PvP).

Long story short, start off by trying to figure out what you want to do, figure out what you want to fly while doing it, and then concentrate on flying those ships (better to be able to fly a handful of ships well, than a bunch of ships poorly). Then, as you continue to train, try expand the tools in your toolbox. Thanks to skill overlap, this will become easier and easier with time.

And don’t worry about perfectly maxing out ships. Getting most skills to four should be your aim when starting out, followed by unlocking T2 guns. From there, you can then start trying to max out support skills (which tend to have smaller bonuses that apply to a wide range of ships) and spaceship command skills (which tend to have bigger bonuses that apply to a narrow range of ships; they also unlock more advanced ships).

Hopefully, that all made sense.

And, of course, if you’re looking on maximizing your skill training speed, check out my series on all things skill point related.
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