Need new art work

missile’s tail smoke like some home made firework.
millitary rocket’s tail smoke is more thick and stable.

amarr battleship Apocalypse :
the old shape is more slender and elegant.
the new shape like an abnormal shorty thing,uncomfortable

You guys still think a missile would fly and be able to steer in a vacuum?

yeah you direct the exhaust force in another direction, but something would have to guide it like lasers or a radar beam since Gyros wouldn’t work.

Yes, because that’s how rockets work.
They would just use different types of thruster valves to steer.
Or they are able to angle their primary thrust.

OTOH, there’s this line of thought that New Eden actually is a universe where space is filled with ether as opposed to ours, which is not.

Hence space-subs. Missiles could possibly use some sort of steering vanes then.

It’s possible that in EvE lore, missiles have a single PEG in them… Otherwise how do they go so fast?
If this is the case, then the “thrust” you see is actually exhaust, and it uses EvEmagic to move. (Just like our ships.)

–Gadget, Blasting off

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