Nerf Ganking Megathread

Yeah it’s been an issue since Upwell Structures were introduced. I’ve filed reports and passed the word on to CSM members that claim to have given it to CCP.

Unfortunately it’s one of those things that assists in breaking targeting hunting. Yet another niche activity gone.

Nerf Barge EFP. I presume your including the “Procurer”?. It was buffed for a reason.

I have a question because it does not count as ganking this kill, they killed one of my corp and we are not at war or in pirate mode because concord does not defend it and why that corp has so many kills along with the users without being classified as ganking is a We favor ccp to help the pirates or is it a plan of the same ccp to kill the ones they know they have without concord doing anything to them because they cheat

Zagadka ot Jaka-Fresko it has several kills and I hardly see ganking and they are in high security areas it seems that ccp wants us to leave the game in their greed now the pirates are untouchable

They are gankers but it looks like they are blocking zkill from there losses, as most of the ships die to concord and concord will not post kill mails

Set this group to red and watch local

Just looking at their kill board it seems they are going after pilots coming out of abyssal sites , any pilot with a loss like this please mail me or post how this happened.

Would be good to know exactly how ,so we can try to counter them