Nerf Ganking Megathread

Highsec ganking is simply weapons vs shields rather than weapons vs weapons. I’m not clear how this classes as ‘elite’. It’s not like its an insane one person Panzerfaust attack on a T-34 out in the open, its more on par with 100 tons of TNT under the road in advance and then calling oneself a hero because there’s now bits of T-34 10 miles away.

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She must really hate Nelson Mandela.

I can’t be stopped. That’s what makes me elite.

100% OP, Straight outta Halaima.

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I’ve stopped you

I’ve also failed to stop you :joy_cat:

Now there’s a challenge. Actually, one of my first thoughts when I was a noob in the mining belts is ’ why is nobody policing these areas ?’. Now…it seems I have found an Eve role for myself :slight_smile:

Sounds good! Find a locator agent, keep track of Aiko wherever she goes and whenever she attempts to do anything inappropriate to the local miners, you stop her.

Good luck!

I support this product or service

That’s a good idea but I hate to put a dampener on your plan .
If the gankers see you in local and see you as a threat to a gank they will move on , which is great as you stopped a gank but quickly become boring for you.

Second thing the gankers knowing you are around up their numbers or fittings to account for your presents.

I think the actual answer to this is large group mining with well fitted ships and some pilots on security and scouting.

Please do try out what you said and let me know how it pans out .

Maybe we should start doing protected safe belts and see if miners come to mine there.

If you fancy a try at belt safety give me a call and I’ll help

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Uh oh, me and Githany are starting to have the same agenda.

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My italics there, of course.

Don’t coddle the wretches, Githany, give them strict quotas and time limits. Chop-chop!


So I need a large group of Netflixers I mean miners and a whip .

@Aiko_Danuja how are we ever thinking on the same lines , maybe our thoughts both have miners in them.

Well, you are thinking that maybe miners wouldn’t die so often, if only they fit their ships and actually played the game - and I tend to think likewise.

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…taken entirely out of context, such an original initiative might do more for CCP’s bottom line than any sodding Monocle…

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The problem with any miner defence force out in the asteroids is that sitting around waiting for gankers would be even more boring than mining…and would make no ISKs at all. Any ‘fee’ for defending people would outwardly appear similar to a ‘mining permit’ or Mafia protection racket…so its hard to see how any such thing could be arranged.

This is the basic problem with any PvP ‘Police’ force in Eve. One cannot be proactive and just go round shooting up Catalysts that look suspicious. Jumping in before Concord do…well that gives one just seconds…and any ganker Catalyst is not going to have anything worth looting anyway.

I’d rather they scrapped Concord and it was all the wild west, and then people would be forced to set up local police forces. And I think the gankers might prefer that too.

People pay for security all the time. Very easy to cut your sec force in on the profits for mining. What’s more expensive? 30% of the take or losing your entire fleet? Hell, the entire concept of insurance is built around this.

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But how would that be less boring, anyway my idea would be to scout and patrol looking for incoming gankers , try and take them out after gate cloak drops . Not just sitting there.

We could even have our SWAT there ( our gankers) to kill any ganker scouts .

I think it’d neat if there were super locator agents. For a short term, maybe an hour they could track targets for you real time so you could actually hunt them down. It’d cost ISKies of course :smiley: