Nestor Fun - Insane Expensive build

I’m posting this build because I actually do have it all set up. But it’s insane expensive. Thought I would get some thoughts from the community on PVP nesssss.

[Nestor, Euqebrab Tsoluoy’s Nestor]
Draclira’s Modified Large Armor Repairer
Syndicate Damage Control
Imperial Navy Drone Damage Amplifier
Imperial Navy Drone Damage Amplifier
Centum A-Type Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane
Centum A-Type Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane

Gist X-Type 500MN Microwarpdrive
Dark Blood Warp Disruptor
Dark Blood Warp Scrambler
Federation Navy Omnidirectional Tracking Link
Shadow Serpentis Sensor Booster
Draclira’s Modified Cap Recharger

Chelm’s Modified Heavy Energy Nosferatu
Small Remote Shield Booster II
Small Coaxial Compact Remote Armor Repairer
Small Remote Shield Booster II
Sisters Expanded Probe Launcher
Black Eagle Drone Link Augmentor
Black Eagle Drone Link Augmentor

Large Auxiliary Nano Pump I
Large Anti-Explosive Pump II
Large Auxiliary Nano Pump II

Hobgoblin II x12
Hammerhead II x9
Ogre II x6
Gecko x4

Tracking Speed Script x1
Scan Resolution Script x1
Sisters Combat Scanner Probe x24
Dark Blood Cap Recharger x1




The Draclira’s Modified Cap Recharger runs about 10b by itself. The rest is worth maybe that much as well. So… 20b?


This will die a horrible death in any serious engagement once tackled.


In that price range you’d be better off with a Marshal. Super blingy ships mean the defenses should be absurd.

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Just a thought mate…

Why don’t you try actually killing a few ships, lose some 10-20M Frigates/Cruisers in Faction Warfare before fitting something like this and being easily (and endlessly killed)

Your Killboard makes me weep.


Oh you’re the one from

I understand that you have the funds to fly expensive ships like this and lose them as if it is nothing, but even then it could be wise to fly cheaper until you learn how not to lose ‘insane expensive’ ships like this. Try losing a few 500m Nestors first, and put on the purple only after you start surviving most situations?

I found that expensive modules do not add any extra survivability when I make rookie mistakes. Expensive modules are only worth it when a little extra edge is needed in situations where you would survive by skill alone.


A fun thing would be if I’d fit that ship and then fill with all the cordite blossom skins I got… them just pvp until someone takes me and get a very happy loot fest… the more I think of it… it’s just a game so… who knows

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Uhm, your tank isn’t THAT good while offensively you have just drones and a single NOS. What did you try to achieve here? How is the ship going to work? Do you plan to out-tank the target or what was the plan here; and why is all that bling really needed?

What do you believe will happen against any blaster ship that gets in range? My guess is that you will melt fast.
What do you believe will happen against any kite BS? I believe you will again melt.


More importantly, what does he think will happen when he’s fighting more than one person because he’s a slow battleship.

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All of you guys are starting at “What did you think you were doing with that ship” and “Lose some 500M ships first”

No. No no no - go and use 10M-20M frigates to work out PVP and work out what works and what doesn’t. Go and gain some kills before you’re piloting something like this, and ensure you’re checking things like Dotlan and Gatecheck before you jump into systems - particularly god damn Tama which is filled with vultures.


Well when he’s throwing away 21B Nestors I’d say going down to 500M Nestors is a better choice. I mean, it’s clear he wants to fly big ships and losing a few frigates might teach some things, but it won’t teach you how to fly a Nestor.

He can lose 42 Nestors of 500M for the price of his latest loss. His survivability will probably increase during that time if he’s willing to learn.


No, no, no… Don’t listen to these guys telling you to fly cheaper ships! Fly as bling as you want! Bring those over to y-mpwl. You’ll get some good fights there. Better than tama area for sure :slight_smile:

p.s. I’ve got buffer gnosis kills/losses that took near as much or more damage than that nestor. Just fyi.


My Nereus took more damage than that and my GPU fried en route to the belt so I didn’t even have my invul on…

If you want to make 20bil BS fits that can 1vMany mail me in game. I’ll help you out. The potential of 20bil on a bs is way way higher than this Nestor.

You can fit a praxis out for less than a 500m that will outperform that Nestor. Triple rep hyperion is hands down the most disgusting t1 bs @ around 350-400m. Hull tanked dominix shatters Hope’s and dreams every day for around 300m with 248000 ehp almost exclusively in hull. Want to go faction? Look not further than the fed navy megathron, again hull tanked it will make an absolutely ridiculous amount of ehp @ over 340000 for less than 1b. Throwing bling at ships does not make them that much better. Easier to fit, and a little bit of an edge is about all you get for those billions. Do bring them to ym if you want to 1v1 a triple rep hype. I’ll always honor a 1v1 once offered and accepted.

Yeah but imagine a 20bil hyp. This guy is loaded.

If he’ll 1v1 my hyp a few times i’ll have a 20b hyp :stuck_out_tongue:

Not really though, that ■■■■ would be sold so fast

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