Neucore - Alliance Core Services

Neucore is a web application for alliances to organise their members into groups, monitor them and provide access to external services.

The application focuses on providing core functionality related to player identities, ESI access and an API that other applications can build upon.

Main features:

  • Management of group memberships, manually and with various ways to automate membership.
  • API for various data including an ESI proxy for all characters.
  • Plugin system for service registration (e.g. Discord, Mumble) and general purposes.
  • Corporation member tracking and character watchlists.

I’ve recently released version 2.0, almost 5 years after the first release.


Source, scroll down for Plugins and related Software, or check out the documentation and screenshots.


I released version 2.1.0. This update mainly includes improvements related to the deactivation of groups.

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3 new versions were released since the last post with 2 new API endpoints and a few small fixes and improvements.
Also, support for MariaDB 10.2 has been dropped and support for 11.0 has been added.

I also released new versions of my Discord and Mumble plug-ins last month with small improvements.


I have released further updates with some bug fixes and improvements to the ESI related API endpoints.

There is now also a Docker image for ARM and Docker supports HTTPS, so you no longer need a reverse proxy for it.


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