New Alph player skills

so I am new in the game and there are a lot of people joining the game so let’s just hed to the skills…what skills should we train for a new player in ALPHA… if everyone does some suggestion I think this will be very beneficent for new players like me

This really depend what you are going to do.

What you cannot do (at least not do it really well) as alpha is production and mining. Scanning,could work as well. But you will lack some important levels.

Basically you have only skill for combat (PVE or PVP).
And here it depends what you are doing.
My suggestion would be to pick a ship, and train everything that is useful for this ship. And see how many skills you have left to tthe 5 million.

This include all the support skills (most are always useful). Just choose armor or shield tank and use all skills for this (dont try both, the 5 million might not be enough for it).

Totally new here, but I ran across the following site which has been very helpful in many ways. Sort of like a pocket guide for us noobs. I keep it open on my mobile, while playing the tutorials and career agent missions.

I’ve been omega and played for a decade so if you’ll accept it I’ll give you a few pointers.
As an alpha to be mildly successful you’ll need to pick 1 or 2 activities that you can continue to develop further once going omega and to remember you have a 5mil sp cap as alpha.
1.Mining is not great for alphas and I wouldn’t recommend it unless you plan to sub and have some really nice people to spend your long mining hours with.
2.The current flavour of the month race if you will is gallente and droneships,if you want to make some isk doing some not so hard pve and raise isk for daily injectors or a month subscription your targeted ship will be the vexor navy issue with heavy drones(there’s tons of guides on how to train for and fit this on the web)
3.You probably won’t have the isk for a vexor navy right away so I’d personally seek out a powerful group with well established community to support a new player I’d train to fly a catalyst and train salvaging a few levels then apply to karmafleet for example.Goons are a very old group and have good guides you can follow to start making isk,get into PvP etc.
4.You’ll use your destroyer in your early days to salvage/loot after older players and make isk of said loot(if your fellow veteran players find you a welcome presence they may throw money or ships your way aswel)
5.After finishing the vexor navy skillplan I’d go for gallente destroyer as high gunery skills as possible and t2 small hybrid turret and join in a few suicide ganks this will also net you some isk from the loot drop share.
6.After these 2 ships I’d aim to horde isk and plex up if the sp limit allows train for an atron and navigation and tackle skills so you can participate in some fleets.
7.With first month of sub I’d try to get skills sorted for flying some larger ships in fleets such as battlecruisers or t1 logistic cruiser.
8.When subed I’d also try to direct my training toward the best pve ship in isk/hr that the expanded alpha skill set can use that being a rattlesnake.
This is one of the fastest ways to get started and be/feel useful as an alpha under no circumstances would I stay in hisec for too long as the oportunities there for an alpha to grow quickly are limited.

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