New alpha player, price spikes and affordabllity?

If youre still here @Erik_Doshu, if you cant afford it, dont buy it. Youre complaining that a 15 year old that just got a part time job as a mcdonalds server cant afford to buy a brand new Mercedes Benz, and that all high-end cars should suddenly become affordable to everyone. Thats not how the market works, and you know it.

There are other cars that you can afford, just like there are other modules that you can afford. The market is player-driven, and if you dont like the prices, then change it yourself.

This is a larger point to all new players. Almost everything in the game is dictated and controlled by players. Some things are expensive because the market has deemed them expensive, and the seller is only reacting to what other players are doing, and willing to pay. Go with the flow, or change it yourself.

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Irritating when they close a funny thread just as it’s getting good isn’t it… Wish EvE forums could be cool again.


He sounds entitled so maybe this isnt his game. I bet he complains how he cant buy a million dollar house on his 7 dollars an hour either.

Had the thread not been closed, I was going to suggest the op do exactly what he mentioned in the original post.

Go to Jita, buy in bulk, transport to Amarr, sell for apparently, according to the original post, a much higher price in Amarr.

New players are always looking for ways to make isk. This looked to me like a perfect opportunity to point out one way of doing so.


Should also consider that this is a game that changes all the time. We often say “adapt or die”, and this is a good example of focusing too much on one ship and one fitting, and “dying” because of it. Prices change all the time, modules get nerfed all the time, the flavor-of-the-month changes weekly, etc. As an Alpha, he’s got access to more than that one specific ship.

Also, 20 million fittings on a 400k ship = bling. Yes, EVE skills work this way, where if you don’t train Power Grid Management and CPU Management, you won’t be able to fill out all the slots that are intended on a ship, and that is why we recommend training those 2 particular skills to 5 (maxed out). But spending 50x the cost of the ship on modules is excessive, and will make you a target. Veterans do this sometimes, but it’s usually done if all the other options to squeeze an extra 2% performance have already been used (options are rigs, overheating, fleet bonuses, implants, boosters, and even flying a different ship with more slots).

Yes the ISD and CCP Falcon really suck and are bullocks. They are shutting down many many threads and hiding / deleting posts. A lot of Orwellian stuff going on.

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Oh ffs. Maybe some people should grow tfu and learn that the world doesn’t revolve around them. If you can’t handle adversity in a game then your life will be one big pity party.

I’m happy if the alphas stay where they are, but there is just no way to monetise them as it stands now.

There has to be something to get a little cash moving from the free players. Eve isn’t free to CCP.

No, the mods are just removing rant threads. I support them in this.


I’ll just leave this here:

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