New capsuleer optimum skill queue advice?

I’m looking for a checklist for optimizing my skill queue. I chose a Minmatar exploration career to start. Covid quarantine gives me time to slog through missions to accumulate ISK and spend it on skills and skill “accelerators” (?) but the options are too numerous. I’ve looked for tutorials on this without any luck. a skillset checklist that’s been optimized for efficiency must have been written up by some player by now. anyone know where I should have been looking?

once I find that, i want to find optimized ship fittings that some experienced players have worked out.

I understand the choices are myriad but, i have to start somewhere. is there an Eve-Online recipe book?

thanks in advance.

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It all depends on what you want to do, even in exploration there is a number of approaches and things to do. Don’t try to optimize every single decision or you will burn out pretty soon.

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I’ve found EveMon to be very useful when deciding on skill plans/remaps and the like: EVEMon 4.0.17 - ESI Edition

Depending on what it is you’re looking to do you can generate a plan for a specific fit/ship and then optimize that, or simply dump all the skills you want to train into a plan and optimize that… there’s a bunch of ways to go about it, depending on what it is your after.



The instruction manual for Eve largely resides between the ears of veteran players and even there, most are only expert in a few playstyles.

For exploration, the experts are Signal Cartel. Have a chat with them.

To get started, these are the skills you’ll need for any career in Eve:

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This should not be taken as an excuse for pushing a brain hook up some deserving individual’s nose.

@Do_Little has hit the two important ones: Signal Cartel are definitely worth a chat - they are a group of explorers that live for finding connectivity and routes through wormhole space and elsewhere. I’ve never needed their services, but I’ve huge respect for helpful groups such as this.
The Magic 14 skills provide a good solid base - improving how you can fit virtually all ships and are well worth the time: Bigger more specialised ships may be a tempting target, but unless you’ve got the ability to do it justice it’s going to disappoint you.
Eve University is a really good source of information: as near to a “guide to Eve Online” as you’ll get.

Beyond that, don’t sweat grinding ISK for buying accelerators to “build up skills” until you are “ready to do what I want to do” - if you want to explore grab a cheap ship (there’s a nice new player friendly fit for a Probe) and go and explore, learn the mechanics of scanning and hacking until it is almost second nature to you and you understand the tricks and wrinkles to it, let the skills train with time. That will stand you in much better state than just grinding for ISK, gaining skills but still being completely inexperienced - knowing when to push on and when to run, when to go for another site or when to get out and cash in your loot is important and isn’t something that “skill injectors” gives you. And believe me, one site in a C1 wormhole (the easiest environment) will cover the cost of a basic explorer. Just keep d-scan going, use the resources and good luck.

Fly Safe is a really bad salute. It says you shouldn’t take risks.
Fly with Courage is better. Go out and try it.


Excellent advice all. Thank you. eve university seems to have some of the best pages.
for instance.
I will read everything suggested in this topic as well.
good hunting!

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Your particular training plan will be dependent on what you want to do in Eve. And since you’re new, that might evolve as you discover more of what Eve has to offer. As a result, your best skills to train right now are the “support skills”. This will include things like damage, damage application, and tanking skills, but also less sexy skills like Powergrid and Capacitor Management. I know those things are ostensibly boring, but they can have a big impact on ship performance.

Anyway, here’s a video series on SP and training. It’s a basically a boring powerpoint lecture, but it does have a lot of good info in it.

You can be effective as an explorer within a very short space of time skill wise, it just takes a while before you get cloaks (omega).

It’s harsh but your best bet is to restart with a buddy invite if you haven’t already. It gives you one million skill points out of the gate. I recommend you use them to max our your nav skills and racial frigate to 4 as that will give you the best returns. Spend the rest on getting cpu and power grid management to 5,and then mechanics and Hull upgrades to 5 each, this should bring you to around 4 days of training. Remap into intelligence and memory, and then train all the engineering skills and any ewar or resource processing you might want. When that’s done remap into perception and willpower and study your racial weapon system and focus on skilling into a frigate or destroyer. A properly skilled new player and alpha will have the same or similar applied skill points in a frigate or destroyer as a more experienced player, making them mean weapons.

I was new starting out not long ago, found this to be very useful if you are interested in a longer read.

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