New channel type suggestion: VHF Comms

No other MMO has a local system like EvE, and I believe being able to see everyone in that map instance in a PvP game is ridiculous.

Having said that, there another aspect of communication in EvE which we have been missing on for many years. It is the existence of the “say chat”.

Right now there is no possible way in EvE which allows for nearby players to communicate without alerting everyone on the map to their convo. My solution, the “VHF” is a default channel window which appears as a tab in every player. You can open/close it as you like. It only shows communication which is transmitted inside a 300km range. Simple as that.

I am not a very experienced capsuleer who can list all the opportunities this would have on gameplay, but I’m sure there are many.

I also apologize for any mistakes in grammar as English is not my native tongue.

Wrong sectiob

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