New Citadel Types

Are we going to eventually see Citadels based on Drifter and SoCT design philosophy and technologies?

Not for a while. In game resourse supply is pretty stretched right now. I think the addition of anymore structures that require stupid ammount of materials will be crippling to the economy of the game.

I was reading elsewhere that someone was complaining about the refineries and the excess ore and minerals.

Those stupid amounts of materials would be put towards construction of Drifter and SoCT types of Citadels and even possibly new types of Planetary Infrastructure modules that could conduct surveys of planets for artifacts and ancient Sleeper technology possibly hidden on a planet.

The current upwell-structures are not bound to a single race or corporation design. I doubt CCP is going to change that any time soon.

While I don’t expect to see faction citadels - other than those scheduled to arrive in a couple of weeks - faction fittings are a possibility. We already have the Hyasyoda Research Lab and the Thukker rigs.

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