New Content Proposal for Developer and player Discussion

Authors: Titus Pravda, Tensic Pravda, KayLe, Zentock

The Following document is a proposed Industrial Expansion for Eve Online. It represents a collaborative work of the players / pilots of Noble House Inc. Our objective in this endeavor is to make a quality contribution to the already enriched content we see in the universe of Eve Online and create new avenues of functionality and fun for all the pilots of Eve Online. To this purpose we submit this work to our talented Developers at CCP for consideration and also open it to the public forum for creative and constructive discussion. Our submission Identities in this document are our Eve Characters. CCP Developers or their official representatives are welcome to contact the principal author Titus Pravda via official communications for further collaboration and discussion.

Very Respectfully

Titus Pravda

New Skills to be added to the game:

  • Industrial Cryogenics: to use and make gas processing plants on structures and stations.
    Purpose: To use a Warehouse Cooling Facility in Stations and Upwell Structures

    • RULE:
      • Industrial Cryogenics Level I: will allow pilot use of the Gas Refrigeration Facility on stations and upwell structures. This is to store gas in liquid form. Allows pilot use of Gas Liquification Plant on upwell structures. Allows 20 % reduction in liquification time
      • Industrial Cryogenics Level II: will allow manufacturer of Warehouse cooling Facility Blueprint, Gas Liquification Plant Blueprint. Will also allow start up and function of modules in upwell structures. Allows 40 % reduction in liquification time.
      • Industrial Cryogenics Level III: Allows 60 % reduction in liquification time. Allows filling of Large Cryogenic Dewar’s
      • Industrial Cryogenics Level IV: Allows 80 % reduction in liquification time. Allows filling of X-Large Cryogenic Dewar’s
      • Industrial Cryogenics Level V: Allows 100 % reduction in liquification time
      • Cryogenic Volume Reduction: is approximately between 600 to 780 x reduction in volume. This is physics based.
  • Cryogenics:
    Purpose: to make and use ship cooling modules and Dewar’s.

    • RULE: CCP will have to set a reasonable base rate of gas loss from the Dewar flask.
    • RULE: every Cryogenics skill level reduces the gas loss into the cargo hold by 20 % with Cooler module on. when the cargo hold is full then the gas is lost to space (Vented) This will then produce a message to the pilot that they are venting gas at the specified rate. This will also decloak a ship if it is cloaked. Skill Level V will maintain 100% of the gas in the Dewar. if the ship is destroyed the gas is lost into a cloud that can be harvested within 15 minutes
  • Pressure Vessels: Purpose: to use and make gas pressure vessels.

    • RULE: (Also need metallurgy V). Every Skill level increases access to the pressure level of the gas bottle. pressure vessels that are compressed beyond the skill level of the user are inaccessible until the proper level is trained.
  • Industrial Gas Compression: Purpose: For using Industrial Gas Compressors.

    • RULE: Every Skill level increases gas compression by 20 %. Maximum level of Gas volume reduction is based on gas laws example : 215.93 kg m3 / 1.3087 kg m3. = 164 x reduction in volume (Physics based on 165 atmosphere pressurization of a gas).
    • According to above equation maximum volume reduction is 1/165 times the skill level percentage
    • If you don’t have this skill, you cant compress gas, but you can still use the gas cylinder as long as the Pressure Vessels skill is at the sufficient skill level for the level of gas compression

Ship Module Blueprints along with the Module Rules:

  • Small, Medium, Large, X-Large: Cryogenic Cooling System Blueprint.
  • Small, Medium, Large, X-Large: Cryogenic Dewar Blueprint.

RULE: The Cooling Module is a Mid-slot Module. One cooler module can only work for one Cryogenic Dewar on the transport ship. The size of the module corresponds to the respective Dewar allowed. The Cryogenic Dewar sits in the cargo bay. gas loss from the Dewar is governed by the operation of the module and Cryogenics skill level of the pilot.

  • Small, Medium, Large, X-Large: Expanded Cryogenic Cooling System Blueprint.
  • Small, Medium, Large, X-Large: Expanded Cryogenic Dewar Blueprint.

RULE: This system works like the regular modules except that the Dewar volumes are divided into 4 smaller compartments in the container and makes multiple gasses transport possible. This Requires Cryogenics IV

Station and Upwell Blueprints along with any Module Rules:

  • Gas Liquification Facility Blueprint:
    • Needed to make the Liquification facility and fill Cryogenic Dewar’s. Proposed Upwell Structure Module
  • Industrial Gas Pressure Vessel Blueprint:
    • Needed to make the Industrial Gas Pressure Vessel.
      • Meant to be one size volume that is used according to the pressure vessel skill
  • Industrial Gas Compression Facility Blueprint:
    • Used to make the Gas Compression Facility which is a proposed Upwell Structure Module
  • Cryogenic Storage Facility Blueprint:
    • Used to make the Cryogenic Storage Facility which is used to store cryogenic gas in stations and Upwell Structures.

Additional RULES:

  • You can buy bottles of gas and Dewar’s of liquified gas. if you don’t have the skills, you just can’t access the resource.
  • If you buy liquified gas and are not running the coolant module on the ship, you will start to lose the gas as it boils off into the cargo hold. the cargo hold will only hold the normal 10 m3 per unit of the normal gas volume and will occupy the remaining cargo volume on the ship. Once the remaining space in the cargo bay is used up the rest is lost into space which will disrupt cloaking capabilities. This will produce the venting message to the pilot. Gas loss will be based on the skill level of the pilot. the same holds true for a pilot who doesn’t have the skills and buys a full Dewar and transports it for their corp. compressed gasses can be transported in a cylinder, but you need to have the proper skill level to access the corresponding pressure level.
  • Station warehouses that are storing filled Cryogenic Dewar’s that are not in Cryogenic Storage Facilities will allow the gas to boil off until it is in its original mined form in the item’s hanger.
  • A Cryogenics Storage Facility requires power to refrigerate the gas. This by virtue will increase the office rent for a corporation using them in a station (maybe 15% increase in rent) in upwell structures (fuel consumption will be included in the standup modules base consumption)


New SOCT Ship Proposal

Ship Name: Nautilus

Primary Bonus Skills: Cryogenics I, Pressure Vessels I

Additional Skills Required: Spaceship Command III. Cloaking IV, Covert Ops II

Ship Traits:

Pressure Vessels Skill Bonus: 10% Bonus to Pressure Vessel Bay Cargo Capacity

Cryogenics Skill Bonus: 2% Bonus to Cryogenic Dewar Volume Capacity.

1 volume partition added per Cryogenics Skill after level 2

Partitions allow transport of different industrial gases.

Maximum 5 partitions dividing total volume of cryogenics volume equally allowing transport of 5 different gases or variations thereof

Role Bonus: 100% stabilization and containment of cryogenic industrial gasses.

50% reduction in CPU requirements for cloaking devices.

Can use Covert Op Cloaking Device

90% reduction to effective distance traveled for jump fatigue


Capacity: 250 m3

Mass 12,000,000 kg

Volume: 250,000 m3 Packaged

Cryogenic bay Capacity 20,000 m3

Pressure Vessel Bay Capacity 25,000 m3

High Slots: 2

Medium Slots: 4

Low Slots: 3

Medium RIG’s (3)

Description: Originally a retrofitted SOCT Scientific Vessel design undertaken by the Pravda Brothers and Noble House Inc. to address the logistical burden of industrial gas transport in deep space operations, The Nautilus quickly became a standalone design from bottom up as radical redesigns of existing ships were more expensive than building the specialized hull from the start. Following the Society of Conscious Thought discipline of specialized ships for specialized purposes, the Nautilus is the premier ship for deep space industrial gas logistic operations.

3D-Model still in conceptual planning and design.


Gas compression , according to CCP, is under way , but I don’t expect it to hit TQ this year .

That is unnecessary , but it would have been nice to provide us with some p-T , T-p, T-s diagrams , respectively Brayton cycle diagram at least.

This is a very long and highly complicated post that could probably just be “hey ccp let us reduce gas volume by 10x in upwell structure reprocessing plants” tbh. I like the enthusiasm but this is a whole lot of why bother.

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TLDR: Gas compression.

Also, the skills requirement is not consistent with normal ore/ice compression, which require no skills, only that the structure be fitted with a reprocessing plant, and this should also cover gas compression, ergo: new skills and modules aren’t needed.

New ships also aren’t needed, all ships bonused for mining or with an ore hold can hold ore, ice and gas as well as the compressed versions of each other, which means compressed gas will fit in all current ore holds.

The entire proposal seems ridiculously complicated IMO.

A command/support ship that compresses gas makes more sense than compressing ore. Might make daytripping to mine in a wormhole more lucrative.

Agree with the others though.

Right click>compress gas - will suffice.

Might give the Primae a new lease of life, since it’s basically useless right now what with DSTs and the Ephital for PI.

Primae was never meant to be overly useful

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