New Covert Ops Module

Its time to put recons back in the game.

We should look at giving recon ships a few changes

  • They do not show in local until 5 minutes after entering the system
  • They can deploy a non-d-scannable bubble around gate that will provide a similar effect as long as allies are in it. This should work in way that it is applied when in invulnerable state just after jumping through the gate.

The intent to this is to allow recons and other ships to move around cloaked from local in an effort to catch things in a more sneaky way.

Recons are already back in the game because they’re one of the few ships that can light a standard Cyno.

Gee, from someone who claims to have “many hours” as a game developer, you seem to have trouble understanding how this all works. :thinking:

Why do they need to be? Oh wait, don’t bother answering since I know you’ll just respond with a personal attack.

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