New Daily MIssion Track

I would like to suggest a small change to the current system, which requires you to complete two of the four missions in order to receive the daily reward and progress the track.

I have no issue with having to do two mission to receive the daily reward, that is fair enough, however I think that if you only manage to do one missions, it should still progress you along the track, then the next day if you do one it completes that segment of the track, just as if you had done two on the same day.

This would allow players that don’t have the time or opportunity to do more than one mission on some days, to still complete the track, even if that takes longer, thereby allowing them to still earn what has effectively replaced the daily login rewards


If you do 2 tracks in 1 day that is 1 less day of getting 5k sp which means 5k less experience at the end.

I see your point, it was not what I meant, so I have edited my original post to explain in better detail :slight_smile:


The fact that it resets if you miss a day has turned it from an enjoyable little bonus into a burden. Ive played this game for years and now suddenly this has soured it and I find myself not even logging in most days now. Damn shame that as in my mind this was “The Game”.

Alas this is my feeling as well and why I made this suggestion. For example, I have a few characters that are somewhat nomadic and primarily explorers. They are simply not set up to do 3 out of the 4 missions on most days. This means those characters are not only missing out on the daily rewards (which is fair enough) but also can not progress the track (by scanning sigs) one mission at a time, as part of their normal gameplay.