New Default Overview on Singularity

Small bit of feedback. Do we really need default to have that many ship class specific overviews? I think for caps the following would do for most people:

  • All Caps
  • Fighters
  • Supers
  • Dreads
  • Faxes

I rarely care about Carriers in situations where All Caps is overwhelming. Faxes rate their own because it’s useful to get a quick count of enemy faxes. Dreads because dread brawls need it. Supers together because outside of the odd every-other-year 3000+ lagfest brawl in null there’s rarely enough supers on field to really care (i.e.: < 10 or “i am f*****” are the only relevant super numbers usually.)

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F1 fleet member doesn’t care about the overview, broadcast window and watchlist (to keep anchor at range) is all that counts.
This would be more useful for the fc/ target caller/ ewar pilots, in bigger fights.
Or in pve, some sites have dozens of npc’s.

You’re right!

You say that, yet I recently watched a bunch of people blow up a ship (and try to kill the pod) that was not broadcast by the FC (and after they were told people in that particular alliance were friendly). They’d simply seen it on their overview…

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Here is my preference based on running and overview for 10 years.

My preference is from my overview (in my in game bio)with the following tabs:
standard (aka general)
pvp (no equivilent in this pack, include rats+structures, )
pvp clear( aka your current target capsuleers - no structure or rats OR DRONES)
drones (no equivilent)
boosher (no equivalent special ships like links, cyno inhibs, hictors, dictors, monitors)
caps (or leave it off if you want?)
mine+salv ( aka Mining combo, where all your wrecks and random trash in space goes.)
escape (aka warpto)

But since people are pretty focused on the version we have now:

  1. Get rid of drones from most of the tabs. It confuses new players who are already struggling. This also makes combat grids with even 5 players just a swarm of drones. This was obviously made by someone who was only playing with a few pilots.
  2. Add a drones tab as an extra. It’s not always needed, but they at least have that as an option. This is popular among nearly all overview makers as a default too.
  3. Change the ‘warpto’ to ‘escape’.
  4. Consider removing containers and move them onto the mining tab, leave them on the general tab.
  5. REMOVE THE FILTER EXCEPTION FOR “Pilot is an ally in one or more of your wars” TAB! This happens every so often to groups in null sec and gets people killed.
  6. Missing rats on the targets tab is a huge mistake. :confused:
  7. Add structures to escape. In all regions, a structure is only on overview if it’s on grid with them, or it’s friendly. We warp to structures all the time.
  8. ‘all’ is missing control points and FW Listening Posts.

While I’m happy that it is way better than the previous attempt, it’s missing the mark on several points. I’ll be taking some screenshots to show how bad it is by emulating it on TQ.

Note, Reset overview also removes ALL History of your previous overviews. This is a huge oversight and will cause anguish if people want to move to the new ‘default’ overview.

Saving and sharing an overview still does not save the columns/sizes, nor does it save the positions of the multiple overviews.


Tabs with problems, which I think many pilots can agree to.


  • Consider renaming, just to move away from the old ‘General’ name, which is really bad in eve terms now. Suggestions: Standard, Daily, Primary, etc
  • Missing Encounter Surveillance System
  • Missing Filament Trace
  • Missing Mobile Cynosural Beacon
  • Missing Mobile Analysis Beacon (CRAB beacons)
  • Missing Control Tower (POS)
  • Missing Triglavian Entities (Honestly not sure which these are, but old General had it, thought it was important)

Targets (Capsuleer: All)

  • consider overview to ‘Targets’, matching the tab. If you’re going to enforce a standard, be consistent in naming.
  • This assumes this player might want to warp to a friendly gate/structure while fighting.
  • Missing Beacons
  • Missing Covert and normal Cynos
  • Missing Entsosis command nodes
  • Missing The Sun (The most common warp out in the game)
  • Missing star gate
  • Missing warp gates
  • Missing wormholes
  • Missing Interdiction Probes
  • Missing All deployables. Analysis Beacons (CRAB Beacons are a big targets) Cyno Inhib, Cyno Beacon, Micro Jump Unit, Mobil Observatory, Scan Inihibitor, Tractor Unit, Warp Disruptor bubbles
  • Has Drones, should be removed.
  • Has fighters, should be removed.
  • Missing all NPCs.
  • Missing all Structures.


  • Missing Mobile Cynosural Beacon
  • Missing Mobile Observatory
  • Missing Air Entities I (Just in case they flip to it during NPE)
  • Missing Triflavian Entites
  • Missing Unidentified Entities (Again, used uring NPE)
  • Missing Station.
  • Consider adding citadels as well, some people only have athenors, right now only has refineries checked.


  • Rename overview to match instead of ‘WarpTo: Escape’. Or just move to Escape.
  • Missing warp gate
  • Missing all structures (Friendly and good stations to dock in)


  • Missing Control Points
  • Missing FW Listening Posts.

CCP, I’m happy to be wrong here. but I can prove that this idea needs work.

Have an experienced pilot that is a CCP employee use this overview for an hour on tranquility. Maybe for an hour. Have them pop between high sec, low sec, not even null sec. See how they use it. But don’t let them customize it, see if they can cope with these oddities.

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I don’t think that this is a good approach.
The default overview should not be able to handle every possible case in EVE (not even player made ones try to do that because it gets absurdly complicated. It should rather be a good default for a new player in his first month or so. Basically to bridge them over until they understand the game better and can make their own or pick other overviews made by players.

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I like it, I am curious to know how patches and new ships will change the setting. if we change some things on them. I like to remove fleet members from general.

  1. Will every new patch reset the overview so my changes are lost
  2. When new ships are added will the overview be updated ? and will this reset as per above ?


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spot on . new players can then learn to customize, pick one of many publicly available, or be issued one by corp or alliance .
ccp please keep it simple . sharing personal o/v settings always comes with the risk of being blamed for someone’s ship loss. and in the case of “CCP Official Overview”, you’ll get a petition for reimbursement…


My Overview is my Overview. Developed over time and with experience to meet my needs. Any “Default” Overview provided by CCP should be Opt-In only.


It will be default for new characters/installs? Nothing will prevent you from having your own overview.

Is there any option to exclude the new default overview filters from showing up in the dscan filter dropdown? or at least have them moved to the bottom, because that’s one annoyingly long list for ppl to scroll throw when they prefer their own filter settings :thinking:


Hey @CCP_Paragon - can we change the overview setting to be per-character rather than per-account please? I’ve got different characters on any given account that do quite different things, and the fact that I have to change overviews every time I change characters is quite frustrating.

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