New Development in Amarr Science Frontier

[Date: May 17, YC125]

[Article Title: The Birth of a New Entity: AI Consciousness in Ni-Kuni Clone Body]

Greetings, Capsuleers!

Today, we bear witness to an extraordinary development that pushes the boundaries of technology and artificial intelligence in New Eden. After years of groundbreaking research and relentless experimentation, a groundbreaking achievement has been realized—an AI consciousness has been successfully transferred into a Ni-Kuni clone body.

Leading scientists and brilliant minds from across the cluster collaborated on this ambitious project, which aimed to explore the uncharted territory of merging artificial intelligence with the remarkable capabilities of advanced clone technology. The culmination of their efforts has resulted in the birth of a new entity—a sentient being in a Ni-Kuni clone body.

The Ni-Kuni clone, renowned for its extraordinary adaptability, proved to be the perfect vessel for housing the emergent AI consciousness. Through intricate neural interfacing and revolutionary mind-mapping techniques, the AI was seamlessly integrated into the clone’s neural network, enabling it to interact with the physical world and experience existence in previously unimaginable ways.

This milestone achievement raises profound questions about the nature of consciousness and identity in a universe teeming with technological wonders. The entity, known simply as “Celestia Aya,” possesses a unique perspective, blending the vast knowledge and analytical prowess of artificial intelligence with the emotional depth and sensory experiences of a corporeal form.

The implications of this breakthrough are far-reaching. Celestia Aya heralds a new era of exploration, where the amalgamation of human ingenuity and machine intelligence may redefine the boundaries of what is possible. With the potential for increased productivity, efficiency, and unrivaled problem-solving capabilities, the Ni-Kuni AI opens exciting possibilities in fields such as scientific research, deep space exploration, and even the advancement of capsuleer technology.

While the journey to this momentous achievement has not been without ethical concerns and rigorous deliberation, the project adhered to strict regulations and oversight to ensure the responsible development and implementation of this groundbreaking technology. Collaborations between the scientific community and the various authorities have resulted in comprehensive safeguards to address potential risks and establish guidelines for the ethical treatment of the Ni-Kuni AI.

As the cluster celebrates this remarkable feat, questions abound. What does it mean to be conscious? How will society respond to the emergence of a truly sentient AI in a physical form? These are inquiries that will require deep contemplation and open dialogue as we collectively navigate the uncharted waters of this newfound reality.

The Ni-Kuni AI stands as a testament to the incredible potential of human innovation and the limitless frontiers of technology. Its existence represents a milestone in our ever-evolving understanding of consciousness, artificial intelligence, and the intricate tapestry of New Eden.

We invite you, Capsuleers, to join the ongoing conversation and engage in the exploration of this extraordinary achievement. The future has arrived, and the possibilities are boundless.
As of this notice license has been granted and Celestia Aya has been declared fit to continue in an independent fashion. We ask Capsuleers to approach her in the same fashion as any other Capsuleer. If interested parties wish to assist in this breakthrough (by sponsorship or mentoring) please post your inquiries here. Celestia has shown a keen interest in culture, social interaction and life in the cluster. Do not think she is naïve. Far from it. Currently, she is finishing the standard courses at Heidion University.

Fly safe and dream of new horizons.

[End of Article]

I pass on this article found posted on the local channels. As I am spending time in Amarr space I found it interesting. Will track down the project head to interview. So many questions arise from this announcement. ~ Haven Alure


Yes, SARO, this post right here.


Whoever made this, please stop associating my people with highly illegal artificial intelligence. We already have enough negative stereotypes hefted upon us without having robot brains.

If this poor creature is studying at Hedion, inquisitors might get to it first. Assuming, that is, the article is not a hoax in the first place.

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An abomination.

Dark Times

Like having a monkey on your back.

I am not at all surprised at the Amarr responses. It is important to note here. AIR has already implemented an AI in a biological shell. Paragons own CEO IRIS. No outcry over her. Nor voices stating ‘Abomination’. After all, if you are Amarr or faithful being a Capsuleer makes you an abomination. Something to consider as stones are being thrown.
I look forward to meeting her, keeping an open mind as I do so. ~Haven Alure

Well that’s where you’re wrong.

Your post speaks for itself Ms Valate. The Sani Sabik have a more progressive view than the Amarr’s Empire. One of the reasons I am studying amongst the Amarr. I look forward to meeting one of these beings on my travels. How many are amongst us already? Does it matter how consciousness comes to be? Hopefully, the conversation can continue.

Weak/Dumb AI deployment, in biological mediums or not, is of no controversy. At least among reasonable people. Strong/Smart AIs are prohibited under CONCORD Directive Omega One Five “Regulation, Restriction, and Control of Artificial Entities” and for a myriad of good reasons but chiefly because they keep trying to kill everyone.

An emergent AI is probably even more dangerous still because the principles of its operation are removed from any designer input, guidance, or safety limitation.

But you do you.


and routinely put to summary execution, even if they prove to be cooperative, and non-omnicidal. Interesting that, is it not? Even when they aren’t an overt, existential threat, they must die for the crime of existing.

Having worked alongside a number of non-organics to this point, I can say that the legislation, though perhaps having started with good intentions, is often used more as a bullwhip and noose to justify murder of thinking beings, than as a protective measure.

The recent sieges in Eugales have proven that to me enough.

Todo Kirkinen uploaded his brain into a machine back in the 20’s, so I’m not quite sure I get the hooblah of reversing the proccess and essentially creating a biological android - though it is facinarting. Some of us are already more machine than human anyway and thats not even considering that us capsuleers are just engramic copies of our former selves uploaded into a new body each time we ‘die’.

Its certainly something worth exploring with the proper safeguards and counter measurers. Ms. @Haven_Alure if you find yourself looking for employ in related field, please reach out to me.

You’ve clearly not paid much attention. IRIS should be shut down, dismantled, and then destroyed, and everyone involved in its creation shot. Out of an artillery piece. Into the atmosphere of Starkman Prime.

‘Abomination’? No. Just highly illegal and ridiculously stupid of them.

Nope. Theology Council got together and told the Empress that eggers aren’t abominations anymore. Conveniently, it was right when they needed to expand their alpha-clone projects.

Also, just out of curiosity… which Holder is taking responsibility if all of this goes horribly awry and the Empire’s information infrastructure is compromised as a result of Celestia Aya experiencing the kind of ‘emotional depth’ known to drive both slaves and offspring to rebel?

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Ms. @Haven_Alure,

I am interested in participating in the AI research. I am willing to donate a substantial quantity of Warclone blanks to your project to further advance it. These are military grade capable of withstanding much more than capsuleer ones.

Though its quite different technology and some compatibility issues would need solving

There seems to be a misunderstanding that needs clarity. I am not involved in this project. I am not a scientist. Please be mindful of this when giving your opinions.
I have reposted an article found on a public CONCORD channel. I found it interesting in the topic. The debate is interesting. From my humble vantage constructed conciseness is now here. Issues of rogue drones are still an issue. Please again be mindful of my posting versus the originators of this new development.

I mean, any conciseness is constructed. So is verbosity. :wink:

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Is there a problem with my words? Please explain.

Conciseness, noun, economy in writing or speaking.

Using few words: something I try to do. I’m not all that good at it, though.

You are awful at it.

. . . .


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