New Eden Freeport Consortium Founding Principles

New Eden Freeport Consortium (NEFC):


In the vast reaches of New Eden, where the unpredictable currents of politics and warfare often shape the destiny of star systems, there emerged a group known as the New Eden Freeport Consortium (NEFC). The NEFC was born out of a vision to create a neutral haven amidst the chaos of capsuleer conflicts, offering a sanctuary where all pilots could freely engage in industrial pursuits without fear of aggression or interference.

Founding Principles:

Founded by a group of entrepreneurial capsuleers, the NEFC sought to establish a network of low-security industrial freeports throughout New Eden. They believed that unrestricted access to industrial services and resources would foster innovation, trade, and cooperation among capsuleers from all corners of the galaxy. Embracing the principles of neutrality, the Consortium pledged to remain impartial, providing services to any and all pilots, regardless of their affiliations or past actions.

Structure and Governance:

The NEFC operates as a decentralized organization, with each freeport acting as an independent entity under the Consortium’s banner. Each facility is managed by a group of experienced administrators and engineers who ensure the smooth functioning of the freeport’s operations and infrastructure. While individual freeports have a degree of autonomy, they adhere to a common set of guidelines and protocols established by the Consortium’s leadership council.

The leadership council consists of respected and influential capsuleers chosen from various regions of New Eden. These council members are elected by the freeport administrators and serve as the guiding voice of the NEFC. They oversee strategic decisions, negotiate alliances and agreements with neighboring entities, and work towards expanding the Consortium’s influence and reach.

Services and Facilities:

NEFC freeports offer a wide range of services to cater to the diverse needs of capsuleers engaged in industrial activities. These services include:

  1. Ship maintenance and repairs: Equipped with state-of-the-art shipyards and expert engineers, NEFC freeports provide efficient and reliable ship repair and maintenance services to ensure pilots’ vessels are in top condition.
  2. Manufacturing and research: The Consortium promotes scientific advancement and industrial innovation by providing advanced manufacturing and research facilities. Capsuleers can utilize cutting-edge equipment and laboratories to develop new technologies or produce a variety of goods.
  3. Material and resource exchange: NEFC freeports facilitate the trade and exchange of raw materials, components, and finished products. A dedicated marketplace within each industrial park allows capsuleers to buy and sell goods at competitive prices, fostering economic growth and interstellar commerce.
  4. Storage and warehousing: Recognizing the need for secure storage options, the NEFC offers capsuleers access to spacious warehouses and hangars. Pilots can safely store excess resources, completed products, or valuable assets, freeing up their ships for further endeavors.
  5. Collaborative projects: The Consortium actively encourages collaborative efforts among capsuleers. It organizes joint ventures, research initiatives, and cooperative projects, fostering a sense of community and encouraging cross-pollination of ideas.

Neutral Stance and Diplomacy:

The NEFC strictly adheres to its policy of neutrality. It maintains diplomatic channels with all major factions and independent corporations in New Eden, assuring them that its freeports are strictly off-limits for aggressive actions. This neutrality allows the Consortium to create a zone of safety and cooperation, where capsuleers from rival factions can interact peacefully and focus on their industrial ambitions rather than engage in endless conflicts.

However, the NEFC does not shy away from diplomatic negotiations and alliances when necessary. The leadership council engages in dialogue with neighboring powers, forging agreements that ensure the security and autonomy of the Consortium’s freeports while fostering positive relations and mutual benefits.


In a universe driven by relentless conflict and political maneuvering, the New Eden Freeport Consortium stands as a testament to the belief that cooperation and industrial progress can transcend the boundaries of factional strife. By offering low-security freeport industrial services to all capsuleers, the NEFC has become a beacon of hope, providing a neutral ground where the stars of New Eden’s industrial pioneers can shine brightly, unburdened by the shackles of war.


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