New Eden Gossip Roundup: Horse Edition

News from Amarr:

Horse sports fraternity stunned by revelation that several top dressage competitors now use the same hair care products as renowned militia capsuleer Lord Consort Newelle.

News from the Federation:

Citizen Horse, meme political candidate in several planetary elections in recent years, has been named in a divorce action by a menage-a-quatre of former Quafe Girl models.

Note: Citizen Horse is not to be confused with Mister Horse, occasional companion of notable capsuleer socialites Catherine Gillot and Mizhir Devara.

News from the Khanid Kingdom:

Kingdom geneticists have claimed it is possible to recover the horse bloodlines thought lost in several terrorist attacks on Royal Uhlan bases in Zirsem in YC120

News from The State:

Scandal continues to rock the sports gambling world, as Gurista involvement in race-fixing and horse-doping uncovered in numerous racecourses across New Caldari Prime.

News from Pochven:

Vale Jockey Club admits no rules exist to prevent bioadapted 8-legged horse from competing.

Gutter Press. News.


As a trainer and breeder of dressage horses myself, why wouldn’t you use the best products? The horse is being graded on their temperament, control, poise and ability to follow the direction of the rider, as much as the rider is being graded on their performance. Such grading is influenced by a small amount of unavoidable biases and subjective opinion, so anything that can sway that can be the difference between a Gold and a Silver award when the differences are in the decimals points wise.

Making the horse and rider look good goes a long way! A shoddy messy looking mount and rider is just going to send all the wrong signals to the judges.


Honestly, I and the other top breeders have never made it a deliberate secret, and some people need to stop wringing their hands and start wringing their hair with these incredible products instead. Might open their minds a little.


That’s a lot of horse… news.

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Sometimes I suspect that Mr Horse and my Wife are having an affair.

It is Unclear to me from the Article, if it is the Horse or the Rider, or Both, that is using the same Products as Aldrith, Lord Consort Newelle.

I can’t speak for the others, but in my case it’s both.

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