New Eden Industry Strike!

It is no secret that small indy player is CCP’s foster child. There is a talk about changing the war, so the rules get changed to pinpoint those with money but who cannot defend themselves. Dispute on the the engagement, territory ownershp or other core rules - big alliances in null get the ear. But even there, in null, us, the producers get the short stick, having to bow to local war barons, jump to their song, follow their rules. So many people returning from null confided to me and the common complaint is this - I want some piece of my own world where I can create and be productive. But then they come to highsec, and what do they find? All places of importance are under one protection racket" group or another. Wardecking corps rule the streets, having all the indy producers at their mercy, only ever deterred by the misery of drops should they gank or wardeck the local indy. The small guy or a group that actually tried to be productive member of society, creating new value for the citizens of New Eden, unlike all those jarheaded pvp’r or gankers. And who gets the priority CCP treatment in this situation? You all know the answer.

And now this, the Q core introduction, that will make our hard earned stations - our working horses that enable us to keep our production relevant and affordable to the masses - will make them lucrative targets. I know, many of you have been collecting your hard-earned money to finally afford a station of your own, but had to postpone or cancel it, first because of the war rules and local gank corps going crazy, then the whole abandoned station disaster, and finally this new upcoming change. Many of you consider quitting a game at this point.
But hold on for just a second, there is a way we can fight back and win!

They forget that we, the small indies and industry players, are the ones who create most of good stuff: ships they fly, modules they fit, ammo they use. Heck, their very substinence in null, ability to have a home, jump to clones and have their ■■■■ serviced is of our making.
Tis true, Eve has many balancing problems, many aspects are considered broken and need to be fixed. We duly acknowledge that.
But we say: not at our expense!
Enough is enough!

Lets see how they keep buying their new shiny toys when none are put up on market and prices skyrocket. Lets see how they keep fighting when their ammo/nanite paste is depleted and none is sold anew. Lets see how they sit in their empty abandoned castles that run out of juice and new fuel is sparse and too expensive.

Small indies in high and service providers in null, together we can make a difference! Together we can stand up to highsec gankers, nullsec barons and jarhead “for fun” pvp’ers and make our cause noticed not only by them but also by CCP! Does not matter where you are or part of what group alliance you are. If you are an honest producer or a merchant, you are one of us and can make all those sensless bashers heed a note!

I, hereby, announce a New Eden wide strike of all industrialists, small indy players or groups, producers for the major null alliances or other people dissatisfied by policies towards us and recent developments. The new changes start going live on Sept 8th, so we strike at the same time!

To be part of this strike is simple, there are just 3 things to follow:
Starting after downtime on Sept 8th and for 1 week:

  1. Don’t bring your stuff to market for one week.

  2. Don’t trade via contracts or personal exchanges locally/in-station. Sure, they may be your pals, but they are the ones CCP listens to.

  3. For even better effect, terminate your outstanding sales orders. You can buy meanwhile whatever you want.

Don’t worry, we will reopen one week later, and at much higher prices. Go do some ratting, run missions, or, finally, take that long-awaited vacation you wanted for so long. I kno,w 1 week is not much, but its more than you eve had in Eve!
Meanwhile we will make other New Eden denizens notice and appreciate our role in their lives.

United we stand and in ISK we trust!

A discord channel for related discussions
in-game channel: NE_WU


Good luck with that.

But since I only care about me. I’ll take advantage of the price hike that should accompany a successful boycott to make myself even more space rich than I already am.



1 Weather it

2 Stop using your structures

3 Quit (Unsub)


You will not be granted your cake and permission to eat it.


Can I have you stuff.

Don’t people read the notes anymore.


Any reaction is void and CCP does not care.
They are changing the game as they want without a concern for small groups

You are small group = you are ■■■■ for CCP. And there’s NOTHING you can do but change game.

(I don’t know what you mean by “weather it”, I guess you mean “cover it”, which is impossible : you are paying someone else to destroy you)


4 get enough friends that are willing and able to make use of your structure and defend it.


Hows that not 1?

“Weather it” can mean many things both active as passive.

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It can.

Your example would be included in one of the many ways you could choose 1

Well, that is exactly the point.
By joining this strike, you make all our small groups count and influence all other players, so that they, and then CCP take a notice. An all-out New Eden wide strike is exactly the thing that can finally bend the attention of the warmongers. Once we make big enough of an impact, we can start presenting demands or influencing a policy. But the first step is to show yourself as a sufficient force. And the only way is for all the indies and small groups to organize for once in some action that is in fact in our reach. As industrialists, our strength is just that - R&D and actual production. So this is what we will be leveraging to make a stand in New Eden.

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On a related note: I wanted to make a thread under Industry, but for whatever reason CCP put restrictions on who may post where (and I never bothered with forums before to get enough “standing” here). So, here it goes:

Participating in the strike itself is easy, just do (or rather do not do) those things listed in the opening message for 1 week starting after downtime on Sept 8th. No direct action is necessary.
However, for those who wants to coordinate things better or have more active participation, it makes sense to form an initiative group, say New Eden Worker Union (NEWU - yeah, I know, first reading may sound weird, but its quite memorable :slight_smile: ). While not much specific organization is needed for this initial push, it may come in handy in organizing “future resistance” or presenting a more unified policy and planning further actions better. Or, who knows, may actually even help hold our ground in this first initiative…

To be clear - not an in-game alliance or group, as this is not restricted to the territory or some in-game allegiance. It is more a meta-level way for people to organize and defend their interests…

I will likely try to make a corresponding post under Industry later, once I have enough “standings”, unless it takes some weeks on this forum for such thing…

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No. By joining the strike, you let other people manipulate you.

It’s game, you don’t have to defend your gameplay. If the game becomes bad, just quit.
THAT is the only way you can impact the game.

Yes it’s a pain to realize CCP just wants to ■■■■ you up after all the time you dedicated to build your own industrialist power. Yeah it’s a pain that CCP tells you to go ■■■■ yourself, that you are not an important part of the game, nor that your gameplay is important, that the game will be better without you.

But after the last garbage ■■■■ show of the patches that removed asset safety from unfueled structures, and prove CCP does not care about you but more about their image, that’s not something that should be a surprise.
In my case I had already started unanchoring structures instead of fueling them, before CCP announced this. I knew something was fishy and that since CCP did not see a big no, as a big number of people stopping playing, they would ■■■■ more people.

My only regret is using all my plex to extends my omega accounts. If they had announced it before, I would not have done so and just let my accounts expire, and left the game. Now I need to get 10k more plex before I can be safe to come back later.

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Or you can cause others to reconsider and potentially quit. Which may cause a far bigger effect on the community as well as developers. After all, this is what this game is about :).

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Besides, sensless pew-pew - everybody can do this around here. Heck, most newbs ggo straight to null, suckered by one or other recruiter announcement, never even learning whatever else they can do, spend bunch of years ignorant of anything except being a drone in someone’s army. But not as many people can strip a belt in 1 hr and then combine this with PI and other stuff to whip-up an advanced BS or a dread. There is power in tech stuff. Too bad its the “asocial types” who primarily tend to be involved in production. But to mean anything here, or in real world, one has to have ability to stand up for himself. Which means taking some action when it matters and taking a stand, on or off-game.

It is possible to come together for a specific task, but keep your independence otherwise, preserving the way want things to be long term. But you have to “sacrifice”, by taking actual effort when it matters, in order to guard your own.

Posting this as a separate comment, as this is more a preaching to those considering this whole thing and hesitating, rather than a direct response…

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Because you need lots of alts for correct production, and there is no alt specific assets sharing, so you need to put them together in the same corp, which in turn implies that anyone in the corp with director rights can steal the bpos from you.

The way the inventory can’t be shared among alts is what forces industrialists out of the corps. It’s been told to CCP already several times, the answer is “it would costs more dev time than the sharing of BM” (which I agree with) , so they won’t do it (which I don’t agree with). Note that I have no idea about the actual cost of this for CCP, and so I can only agree it will be high a priori, while the actual cost can only be known a posteriori

Of course since the cost is high, and the number of people actually impacted seems to be low (no idea about the actual value), then it’s very low in priority.

Yes, CCP is screwing over small indy’s. No, they’re not targeted. They’re basically screwing over everybody who accumulated assets in high sec (and other regions, to a lesser degree) in order to reward the small portion of the EVE playerbase focused on burning and looting other people’s wealth.

By all means, rant away and try to get a strike going, it will at least be amusing to watch. You may have missed that the key word in ‘indy producers’ is “independent”, so have fun herding cats.

Nobody cares if you organize your strike or not, it won’t make any difference in the market except to open up new niches for a while. If you want to change CCP’s thinking, vote with your dollars and get other people to do the same. Preserving their jobs while pretending they know what they’re doing is the only thing CCP appears to care about.

In the meantime, as Anderson and others said, adapt to the ‘new normal’, which appears to be:

“CCP recognizes that 60% of the player base are wealth-builders, and 15% of the player base are wealth-destroyers, and so in a remarkable display of logic CCP has decided to benefit the 15% by making mass destruction and profit much easier than before. Clearly, this will encourage the 60% to work even harder to accumulate assets again, at which point CCP will find new ways to destroy them even faster. This virtuous cycle of destruction will lead to the rebirth of EVE as producers flock to the game to have their hard work joyously destroyed by a small percentage of wealthy veterans.”

I can hardly wait for the stampede!


Believe me, I know that side myself just all too well :slight_smile:. But it, in fact, goes beyond that - its that its a particular type of person that is attracted to such activity. Eve industry is quite intricate and is a world of its own. It requires a certain mindset to do it successfully. And such people are way less likely to just go do some inconsequential brainless pew-pew, except as a minor distraction from what they consider their main occupation.

Another technical issue here is that setting up a successful industrial corp requires quite a specific (and often individual) corp structure. It simply does not bode well with many people of disparate interests casually doing one thing or other. As such, serious industry players pretty much never “just join” some other corp.

In theory, alliance of such corps is what could provide some common umbrella/common interest protection mechanism. However alliances are tied to territory ownership and high-politics too often. The “type of trade” is not a factor that easily maps only existing in-game structures, such as alliances or what not.

It is with all this in mind that I am trying to find some format of interaction that could let such players (which, as you mentioned very well, for technical reasons too, tend to be small/indies) to interact and stand our ground and make our voice heard… It pretty much has to be off-game congregation of some sort for the reasons mentioned above, and organizing some basic stand/activity such as this strike, that requires minimal coordination, could be a first step…


@Kezrai Charzai
Gee, You just read my mind :slight_smile:. I was in fact touching on that in my previous comment. So, to elaborate: I do understand full well that strike in itself in a minor inconvenience that is not gonna lead to much. I consider it, however, more important as an effort to organize those indie players in some format that

  1. does not interfere with the in-game independence
  2. does not impose too much interaction (as “our type” tends to be less talkative kind :slight_smile: )
  3. But does provide some what to make our stand.

The idea of this strike is to utilize our natural strength to make a first interaction attempt for guarding our interests. Strike in itself is indeed worthless. But as an instrument of initial coordination it may serve its purpose to make the silent 60% finally get their act together and start accounting for something. The power play in favor of small destructive group has gone for long enough. We have been pushed quite a lot. I feel that there should be a sufficient quantity of people irritated enough to finally form some form of resistance…


The silent 60% told me this will have no effect or probably even happen.


Of course - if they stay silent. Then they do not deserve to be treated differently either. This is what this strike is dedicated to.

So, an address to those “silent 60” essentially:
it is your choice - stay silent, ignore it and be treated like this forever. Or take finally some action and change how you are perceived, and influence rules in your favor!

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