New Eden Industry Strike!

The problem is, again, you are trying to draw false parallels between “the real world” and a video game. The video game does not abide by the premises of the real world, so attempting to draw conclusions of (what you think happens) irl and then compare it to EVE doesn’t work.

The market in EVE does not operate the same way the “market” irl works. Leave those comparisons out.


I only mean that every societal condition is a product of that society, not of some abstract tyrant, who is himself the product of that society.

But it does, to a much larger extend that you are, perhaps, willing to admit. Definitely more than most other games. One thing is certain: it does have a real functioning market, where real people trade according to the rules that would put to shame most of the smaller markets. And yes, Eve’s market is bigger than some country economics, and is showing the very realistic market behavior. One major difference is that most real world markets are much more tightly regulated. But that’s a market condition. In terms of realism, Eve’s market is totally real - not just realistic, real. It consists of real people trading real (as in immutable, strictly defined) things, no different than gold of any commodity traded in electronic “real” market.

Now we’re moving goalposts again.

The original point was:

And now you’re talking about vague and broad generalities of societies.

Well, yeah, we went way offtopic here :slight_smile:. So lets cease this pointless back and forth and limit the discussion to the original subject…

No. Just you.

My stance is that what you’re trying to do here won’t work. Your claims of “No respectful merchant would trade with a know [sic] pirate directly.” doesn’t work in EVE Online. You might think it does irl, but again, you’re just pulling premises from irl that EVE does not follow.

I cannot recall a single time in EVE where a merchant selling their goods on Jita ever found out that their goods were sold to a pirate, contacted them, and ask for a return of the product because they (the merchant) didn’t want to sell goods to a known pirate.

Well, let’s see, shell we? I am curious myself about what’s gonna happen :slight_smile:, quite likely not much. But we will never know unless we try…
And, as I stated above, this is not so much about making any impact on the market, as about organizing people and making them stand for their interests. If they follow, so much better for them, if not, then they deserve what’s coming…

lol, sure.
like i said, moving goalposts.

Why are you moving the goalposts from “no company would willingly trade with pirates” to “the government imposes legal restrictions on who companies can sell to”? The companies you’re talking about would gladly sell to those banned customers and make more profit if the government wasn’t there to stop them. And in EVE there is no equivalent to the government.

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What do you even mean by goalposts? How any of that is a goal??
And why you post from different toons?

Arguing with your alt again?

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I’m moving goalposts and 2 people called me out, they must be the same person! -Gregory Suliker, 2020.

I know what is paranoid delusion … Its my RL profession …Do you know what is " la belle indifférence" ???
that describes your attitude . Numbers and stats there… Many conscious people engage trade in that lvl aware about this…

If you sent a single statements like that as answer to people who share their ideas and support with some data … instead of sharing your ideas with supoort … You deserve this answer.

Not many pilots will read this thread concerning a possible Industry Strike in New Eden anytime soon.

Like yesterday all the Ice Belts are full with many different Corps so I am sure that they produce their own Fuel Blocks and this is just one small part of the Industry that this thread is suggesting to go out on strike.

That’s awesome. You seem really good at it.

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lol after trig invasion at least the systems close we observe totally empty… May be ice belts are full like feeding frenzy because not so many left …

i do agree that this strike will not work … Because small indy corporations are mostly the ones who dont want to engage null sec esp high sec ones or even some WH and low sec variations … they are not interested be part of high hive mind… and prefer to be in small groups .

Same pattern you can see small pirate low sec corporations too… these kind of organisations never be capable to become organised … As result of their perspective … their play style… therefor they cannot be presented even in the CSM or form up a great defence fleets and cooperate…

and i truly believe that … in fact they shouldnt be forced to do that… EvE Online is a game … and some different play style must be able to breath and survive …so everybody take part of enjoying, experiencing different sides and beauties of this game … We dont know what CCP assuming… but so far i already know so many small indy people hit by first triglavian invasion then before they have chance to heal over… hit by this … some of them left already

Mostly agree and think it’s due to time commitment is the real issue.

Every hobby has it’s limits concerning time available sort of thing.

Of course time and commitment important factor. If you consider the age average of eve players … naturally many corporations members works day time …kids and they would like to enjoy game after kids sleep and weekends… But that doesnt make them and their game play less important… it means a lot actually…

In a game like EvE you make ling term plans… its not an ovetwatch you enter match 15 min and done… you plan …invest …and invest your real life time on skill trains to reach out your goals. THIS IS NOT A GAME YOU CAN CHANGE GEAR AND FULLSTOP BEGIN TO DRIVE DIFFERENT DIRECTION suddenly… it kills something inside of you… This is human nature .and CCP ignoring this fact very often