New Eden Industry Strike!

The shift in risk vs reward has to shift for them to make more money and these tweaks to the game might just be their long term vision of how that will be achieved.

The Cores for player stations is a huge tweak to game play and perhaps it is for the best long term.

A old term I knew was that you must lower the water to expose the rocks and then rise the water again after removing those rocks so that the ship can sail again.

(partial clause…but anyway) This short-sightedness typifies why the screwees always vote for the screwers…it’s not enlightened self-interest. Enlightened self-interest says you may only care about you, but you can’t keep the entire market afloat. AND, if it’s only you, you’re an awful easy target for the 25,000 players looking for a whipping boy.

There’s safety in numbers is why birds flock and fishies school. Lone wolves are all kinds of romantic cool, but K9s eat things a group has to hunt. So that lone wolf dies early by starvation. It never glories in the solo hunt…not even a bunny wabbit for din din.

My question (to the OP having dispensed with this age-old argument borne throughout history by ignorance): Why just a week? Why not till they all squeal like stuck pigs in their corvettes, with their civilian mods? I like that much much better. Then, the ego-driven pedestrians won’t be so likely to trash things they don’t understand, but rely so heavily upon.

How long? Till their pain is visible.

It’s All About Me is literally the name of one of my corps.

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I’m still wondering where they’re getting the idea that they’re the only ones making stuff. There are plenty of industrialists who are more competent than they are and just rolling with the punches without much effort (you know, because they follow the adage of “adapt or die”).

But these highsec scrubs have somehow managed to trick themselves into some hilariously bad logic. what I gather is that their thought process operates like so:

  1. “I’m an industrialist because I don’t participate in PvP.”
  2. “Therefore, people who PvP don’t participate in Industry.”
  3. “Thus, if I stop building, no one will be doing industry in the game.”
  4. “Because of this, prices will skyrocket and PvPs will be hurt.”
  5. “So finally, people who PvP will have to respect me because I control the market.”
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ah i saw your kind countless times at diffirent games.
if some one bring a problem and he says change hit too hard and want to will leave the game. your kind cheap advocates says
-go away no body forcing you…
-game is healty everything okey…

but if i ask anything about how eve ecosystem work how each region has semi- seperate econnomic systems and sometimes carry items much costly than producing at requried market…

no… i can only hear echoes from cheap advocate empty brain with standart cheap no-brain arguments.

You are wrong here, lol.
Like, the VERY FACT that most of the game’s population uses Jita/Perimeter pricing, because they are the central EVE markets already shows that you’re wrong.

ofc you are right…
because of this we cant see any distinctive material price change region like mexallon always cheaper Sinq Lasion or Essence… Or You can harvest mexorcit from high sec or Every region have same ice type…
Also even in the same region all system cost index is same right? or all engineering structure give same bonuses… ofc you can do booster mat production at high sec…
because of this everbody carry their items with fastest black ops ships? right?
or we can see tons of frighter with unhappy bored pilots…

lmao… you know nothing. just a cheap advocate.

hu ? no.
the players in jita use Jita prices ; the player in south use Amarr prices.
That’s why there is still room to make profit by looking outside of Jita.

Well now that will be even more the case, yet less profit.

just an example : look at the price of ice.

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thanks for noticing.

This is because there is no consistent market in these areas. Bads collect items, realize no one wants to buy them, and sell them for cheap, because they don’t want to move it all the way to Jita.

I’ve never see anyone enter into a transaction expecting and demanding Essence pricing. It’s still Jita.

And now you’re just throwing out random unrelated things in an attempt to try and flood the discussion with so many wrong / off topic points that you can derail the conversation. This tactic is called gish-gallop-ing, and is something often resorted to when the person knows they’re wrong and being called out on it.

According to you Mexallon is cheaper because Sinq Lasion and Essence economic activity is low…
you are too funy… How you learn this game? Really? I cant continue argue with you… Your are just another Dunning–Kruger effectted person

Dunning–Kruger effect


Oh, snap. Here we go.

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And now we’ve moved from gish galloping all the way to making personal attacks. Lmao. In just 3 posts. This might be one of the fastest transitions I’ve seen.

90% of the people playing this game have never heard of Niarja.

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[citation needed]

Looks like a lot of people know about Niarja. And a lot of people would agree with me that markets are all mostly connected to Jita (hence why they’re so interested in Niarja falling to Triglavians).

This guy even specifically mentions his trade between Jita and Amarr with respect to Niarja.

Here’s some more:

you can guess yourself : they are based off amarr production.

Go ■■■■ yourself.

A lot of EVE-O forum and r/eve people. That’s about 5% of the EVE population.

I mean, like… come on, kid. I know you have the braincells. Put them to work.

Why would I want to keep the entire market afloat? Shortages mean even more profits for me!

AND, if it’s only you, you’re an awful easy target for the 25,000 players looking for a whipping boy.

That’s nice, it’s highsec and CONCORD exists.

Why just a week?

Because OP isn’t dumb enough to sacrifice more than a week of profits. But please do go on strike for more than a week, the longer the strike lasts the more profit the people not on strike get to make.

I’m sorry, none of those quotes were directed at you. I do want to thank-you for demonstrating to me how simplistic you are in your thinking, however. I’m not sure what I’ll do with the information, (probably nothing), but at least now I know. Thanks for sharing.

That’s nice. You posted a dumb comment, I explained its flaws. Call it “simplistic” all you want, but the simple fact is that an industry strike just gives more profits to the people who don’t strike.

Oh, do dream on. You’re so very imaginative.