New Eden Industry Strike!

I see we’re at the point where you realize you have nothing constructive to offer and, rather than admit defeat, you just spam inane nonsense until everyone gets tired of dealing with you.

You are not offering anything constructive.

How about Construction Industry Strike and Trash all ship blueprints!

You tell us to trash the BPOs that cost like 2B each ?
For what ?

IDK that was my constructive input for the day.

that’s a fail.

IT would be more visible if people biomassed their character. We let you lead the way.

I’m currently inside Null and trying to sneak out my planet production materials… shh can’t be a leader.

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That would really show one was making a real protest!

Video it! Effective, shows you are serious!

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You still haven’t described what any of those interests are. What are they? Is it not getting killed by pirates? Is it increasing the value of their goods?

I’ll answer that for him:

Because I have a bunch of characters quite capable of industry, and the second that industry becomes financially more viable than running abyssal sites or ganking your whiny carebear ass, you can bet what’s left of that tight little sphincter that I will do that for income instead. And much more efficiently than you to boot. :sunglasses:

They think this way because it’s a coping mechanism at the subconscious level. The realization that they’re actually not necessary, and downright irrelevant to the health of the game and its economy would be catastrophic for their psyches. It would entail realizing that they are of no significance, and have no reason for existing. So of course the mind protects them from that realization with a degree of delusion of grandeur.

It’s kind of like going on a hunger strike. Such a move will surely strike fear into the hearts of the sociopaths and the griefers, since they are very poor by virtue of not being high-IQ, very important and educated and professional businessmen, and wouldn’t be able to afford to buy their own BPOs from which to produce (very inefficiently might I add, because they don’t know how to research them).

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They don’t think that way at all. It’s just you whiners making ■■■■ up.

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Have you… been reading the whole thread?

No Like for you!

There is already one CODE in the game.

:open_mouth: :anguished:

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They are people who would like to enjoy their play style and they have right for that… one of you implying things that they haven’t even mean it… second one is commenting and make psych analyses over that imply which is not connected to reality… there is players who does only pvp like me some does trade and pvp or Indy mining and pvp… I know players from all variations… EvE is an “ecosystem “ the second you begin to intimidate or belittle or ignore one of these aspects or drown… it effects all eco system… there is lot of eve players who doesn’t like pvp but they like space and their mining ships or interests whatever…

When you people lost your humanity for just sake of being right so badly … pvp people has right to thrive in eve … code has right to thrive… we all part of this eco system… bee is a little but if you take them out of world… you just intimidate yourself… chopping your own conscience… .

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The arguments that Scoots and I made were in response to the person (Serene) who made the claim that if these industrialists go on strike, then the market will collapse, and there won’t be any products to buy. Essentially, Serene believes that high-sec carebears are the sole drivers of EVE industry, and that is patently false, since many other players are quite capable of industry, and will fill in the gaps left by the low-end high-sec PvE players who go on strike after prices rise enough to again make industry a viable profession for regular players.

We’re not saying that high-sec carebears shouldn’t be allowed to engage in their preferred play style; we’re saying that if they decide to go on strike and/or leave, their absence wouldn’t affect the game or its market in any negative capacity.

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If all non pvp pure indie players leaves that Won’t have any effect on market ? Pvp costs won’t get effected ? I had seen up thread someone said it’s all Jita prices ?
I but it’s not … I live in a Amarr 1.5 year never used jita prices … once in an event I throw 20 days… I dried Amarr market all t1 lines and most meta modules dried out … I need to deal with local Indy corps order things ahead… I have sent rookies for the items lack in market … they sold one condor for 5mi some launchers… they made great ink for a 2-3 days old rookie when they are not fighting… that was fun that was cheerful…

If you use all kind of market tool in internet you get price for Amarr dodixie rens and jita etc…


Only thing in eve single jita price is PLEX . That’s also thing CCP interfere and hold it single hand … so therefor it’s truly not part and value effected asset regardless to regions…

@Oscar_Class shared som data up there… I’m not a trader but I’m a solid consumer… so also connected to traders .We talking … those people are not only producers but people buy and sell between regions… and holding the beats under their fingers… so far… numbers analytics doesn’t say lie and support the perspective …

Prices will go up, however, that is a good thing.

Right now, so many people are doing industry, that there is virtually no price premium for doing that work. A T1 ship is selling at its raw mineral prices, which trivializes the act of building it. If less people did industry, then the time and effort spent on it would carry a premium, turning it into a viable profession.

You’re still making the assumption that only Industrialists keep the market stocked and that players who PvP and do industry are mutually exclusive. That’s your mistake. They’re not mutually exclusive.

That’s fine. Because Jita prices were already calculated into the prices you see in Amarr. Just because you didn’t realize it doesn’t mean there’s no influence.

I mean… okay? I don’t see what this has to do with anything here.

Like, I can go out to some random station in the middle of lowsec and buy out all of the T1 modules on the market there… and… declare victory? try to smug on the forums? iono, what are you trying to say with this? that you made a tiny bit of profit one or two sales of T1 modules?