New Pawn Shop in NEW EDEN.

You need Money? There are 3 ways you can get liquid:

  1. Work (Mining, Ratting, Selling, etc.)
  2. Plex the ISK
  3. LOAN IT

Now you can Loan the ISK you need!

I don’t ask question for what you need the Money.
I do not ask question in what Corp, Alliance, or Coalition you are.
I do not ask for how long do you play, what is your sec status, etc.
I just offer to help you with your financial situation.

How it Works:

  1. You contact me over the ingame mail with your request like above:
    Subject: Loan
    Massage: “I need a Loan in xxxx ISK in a period of xxxx days”
  2. I calculate your Loan with interest and send you my Terms back:
    Subject: Loan Terms
    Loan sum: xxx ISK
    Duration: xxx Days
    Interest: xxx %/Day
    Buy Back: xxx ISK (explanation in Terms and Rules)
    Pawn Value: min. xxx ISK (explanation in Terms and Rules)
  3. Now you must send me your Item list or an Evepraisal link, and make the contract with the Loan sum on my name. The Item value must be even or higher than the Pawn Value.
  4. If everything is like in Terms of my mail I will accept the contract, and immediately make a new one on your name with the Buy Back sum in duration same as your request. So you can be sure that you can “Buy Back” your Items in Loan period.

Terms and Rules:

• Loan Period
Minimum Loan period: 5 Days
Maximum Loan period: 120 Days

• Loan sum
Minimum loan sum: ISK
Maximum loan sum: ISK (for more please contact me)

• Interest:
Minimum interest: 0,34 % per Day
Maximum interest: 0,68 % per Day

• I only loan money if you can give me Security Items/Pawn Items.
You must have something to Pawn that is in value even or more then the Pawn value in my mail.

• All items that are for Security of the Loan (Pawn Items) must be in TRADE HUBS (Jita, Amarr, Rens, Dodixie, Hek) and in NPC station if the Items are not in TRADE HUB NPC station we will calculate Hauling costs 25,00 ISK/Jump/m3 to the nearest trade hub and add it to your “Buy Back” sum. If the Items are in more stations but in same system we will calculate additional 5,00 ISK/Jump/m3 if the Items are in more Systems we will calculate the Jumps for all as they are in the distant one system. In this case the “Buy Back” Contract will be issued the next Day after I have everything in the nearest TRADE HUB

• I will not accept any contract if the Items are not in High Sec and in a NPC station

• If you wish to return the Loan early that can also be arranged, in this case you must pay the contract price and mail me on the same Day and I will return you the overpaid Interest ISK direct to your account.

• I use Eve time for all Interest calculation and duration.

• If you cannot return the Loan in Time you can contact me min. 24 hours early so I can give you a “grace period”. Grace period is max 10 Days after Loan expires and the Interest are doubled but only for this 10 Days. In this situation I will make a new contract after the old one has expires.

• Security of the Loan/ Pawn Items will be sold after the Loan period/Buy Back contract has expired or after the “grace period” if you have requested it properly expires. In this situation your contact will go to the “Blacklist” and you will not be able to take another Loan.

• Buy Back Sum – The Bay Back sum is the sum you must pay in order to return your Security of the Loan/ Pawn Items. The Sum is created of following:
o Loan Sum
o Interest
o Hauling incase the Items are not in TRADE HUB NPC station
o Contract fee

• Buy Back Contracts will be issued in TRADE HUBS same/nearest system that you make the contract.

• Security of the Loan/ Pawn Items - the value of the Items must be min 20 % (10 % are selling taxes + Interest + time spend on selling) over the “Buy Back sum” and I accept all Items that can be sold directly in that Trade Hub you make the contract for. The only Items that I don’t or rare (please contact me first) accept are:
o Blueprint copy
o Tech 1 Ammunition
o Items that are not on the buying list of that Trade Hub
o Items that are not on evepraisal so I cannot determinate the buy price for it

• Contract must be issued as: Item exchange – Private on my Name or my Corp, and the duration minimum of 2 Day. All Items that you have sent me in the mail or evepraisal link must be in the contract with the same quantity.

• I will not accept contracts:
o If you are on my Corps Blacklist the only way you get on the Blacklist is not returning the loan
o If the Items are not even or more of the value of the Pawn value

Best regards
Royal Banking

The Best thing you can Pawn your own Ship with Rigs, you do not have to sell it and destroy the Rigs.

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