New Eve game to use blockchain? I think they should build on MultiversX

Hi Everyone!

I heard recently that a new EVE game is being developed and will use blockchain tech.

I think this is a great idea! And I want to suggest this blockchain: MultiversX (MvX) as the primary, or native blockchain to the game.

It’s native coin is called $EGLD.

You can research it yourself. I think they have the best tech and best ability to scale and I think they are best suited for a blockchain game of the scale an Eve game should be at.

Another game being developed on this chain is: CyberPunk City.
cyberpunkcity .com

They have already open sourced a way for people to interact with the blockchain in game using the Unreal Engine.

Furthermore, the MvX team has a program called Metabonding that allows projects to get exposure via their decentralized exchange. The new game could create an “ISK” token on the blockchain and enroll in the Metabonding program. It would draw in a large number of new people and increase Eve’s exposure. Having ISK associated with real world value that can be traded at the xExchange I think would be very cool. But if you don’t agree, it’s ok.

Here is a link to the primary decentralized exchange on MvX:

xexchange .com/metabonding

The MvX team has a great app as well called xPortal. Check it out:
xportal .com

Finally, there is a great and active NFT market on the MvX blockchain. The best NFT marketplace is:
xoxno .com

Why should you listen to me? I’m just a guy in America who believes, of all the block chains out there, MvX will be one of the ones that remains and is still here 10 years from now. I believe it will be a top 10 blockchain one day. It’s also a European based blockchain, founded in Romania. Also, its an environmentally friendly blockchain and they have debit cards coming out soon to (but only available if you reside in an EU country for now)

Also, MvX is a blockchain that focuses on building.

If you do the research, I bet you will come to the same conclusion.

Thanks for reading!

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You are a day late on April Fool’s.

Since this new game will be in the Eve universe, but otherwise will have no relation to Eve-Online, this forum is not the right place to discuss it.
Therefore the post will be moved to the Out Of Pod Experience - EVE Online Forums


Good idea. Thank you!

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