RAID SHADOW JOVIANS! New Blockchain game by CCP

In case you haven’t seen it:

In other news here’s a very short list of far better choices that would generate more profits than another dead project… which players have actually asked (if not begged) for:

-Walking in stations (you get to sell us a bunch of cool apparels for MONEY how about that revolutionary idea?)
-DUST v2.0: I would be willing to bet than an eve integrated FPS game that is not an exclusive for a dead console (like Dust 514 was a PS3 exclusive when PS4 was right around the corner and you never ported it) would be a success… plus you already have all the old assets from 514! BTW, this does not mean we want another Battle Royale crap… more like a Planestide concept that gets integrated with sov battles in Null/FW.

With Raid Shadow Jovians it seems like you keep trying to push crypto related stuff down our throat… that we don’t want nor ever asked… remember how that genious NFT idea went with your player base?

Making money from us the players is not THAT hard… we practically tell you what we’d spend money on, yet your monetization department does not seem to actually want to monetize our wants… Apparels/Skins being some of the biggest money making machines you have been dropping the ball on.

Anyways those are my 2 isk.

Have fun burning another 40m.



Hahaha in Reddit’s words:


Man at least they are consistent and only release new games attached to stuff that you know will be a guaranteed failure.

First Dust 514 on a dead console, then Valkyrie on VR that no one has hardware for, and now blockchain, which is probably the dumbest idea of all of them.

I can just imagine the board meeting, must be something like

"Hey, we have seen in the last two decades how devastating unchecked RMT is to MMORPG, how it devalues player achievements and basically turns a game into a extremely low wage, low skill second job, until the bots and cheaters take over obviously and drain it of the last remaining lifeblood.

But that aside, how about we make a game with built in full blown RMT and play to earn mechanics?"

Hilmar is probably now like “they don’t get it”. In reality the basic idea behind such a game is extremely obvious and no special insight Hilmar, but if you think just a little bit further it extremely obvious how it will all fall apart and can’t actually work. This doesn’t even have anything to do with blockchain, it’s the pure economics of such games that make no sense.


Players literally telling them not to do this…and they will wonder why it fails…

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This takes the cacke by the way:

led by Andreessen Horowitz (a16z)

Seems to be a well known crypto scammer:


I think that is the very reason they are doing it… and probably the only real reason at that.


Another follows DUST …
Another follows DUST …
AAAAA nother one game , another one game, another follows DUST !
Hey ! you are giving them so much,
Another one can follow DUST !!!


WOW I guess people on r/wallstreetbets do better due diligence than CCP lol

RSJ sounds more like a testbed for testing new ideas in gaming technology.

What would be really interesting is if CCP created an App game similar to Raid: Shadow Legends.

A Shadow Jovian Raider?

Jovian Shadow Raider

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