New Event Surrounding The Kynoke Plague

With the Triglavian Invasion an issue has occured.

Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action.”

On February 8th, YC 118, a large section of the orbital platform above Muttokon II was quarantined. Within two days the situation had escalated to the point where the entire platform was disconnected from the planet. Soon after, the source of the outbreak had been confirmed and the platform was towed into deep space, leaving the over nine-hundred thousand personnel on board to their deaths.

During that time, three additional outbreaks occurred: one on the Zainou medical center in Oijanen, a second in the Genolution biotech production facility in Efu, and finally an Astral Mining prospecting facility in Postouvn. These outbreaks are spread throughout the cluster, with one outbreak in each of the sovereign empires of New Eden. The pathogen itself is known as the Kyonoke plague, named after the Kyonoke Pit, the site it was first discovered at.

The Kyonoke plague is not your typical pathogen. In many ways it is like a cross between Ebola and anthrax, 100% fatal, air-borne able to remain dormant within a host for a period of time; the protein-like speck that causes the plague can remain outside of a host nearly indefinitely. Once inhaled it quickly goes to work embedding itself in the victim’s brain causing a horrible and painful death, but not before spreading to anyone around.

Standard protections also do not help against the plague. The researchers who first investigated the Kyonoke Pit became infected and died in spite of their strict adherence to protocol and use of protective hazmat suits. The only real protection against the spread of the plague is to seal off and prevent any access to infected locations. Thankfully, so far it seems that each of the sites have been successfully quarantined and, in spite of multiple outbreaks occurring within days of each other, it doesn’t appear it is spreading from one site to the others.

Are the Triglavian’s aware of the Kyonoke Plague? Is their invasion really a scouting mission to protect a lone, cloaked Triglavian Survey and Research vessel heading towards the infested stations to gather the Plague to then infect other stations with?

In any event I think there should be some dramatic and random event surrounding the Kynoke Plague.

Were any real people i e. Capsuleers involved or injured?

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Obviously there were people injured, but if the Triglavian’s were to catch wind of the Kynoke Plague and the infected installations, then it might be game over for New Eden.

That would require the Triglavians to actually want to wipe us out. I suspect this is merely Phase Two of their test of our mettle. First, they brought us into the Abyss to test our individual strength. Having ascertained our power alone, they are now testing out ability to work together. I can’t say what happens if we fail, but I doubt their intent is the destruction of New Eden via the Kyonoke Plague. After all, what’s to say that the Triglavians can resist the Plague anyway?

What’s to say that the Triglavians themselves are not vulnerable to this plague?

Given how long they’ve been isolated and only recently entered New Eden proper, I’m not sure if they’ve had the chance to adapt to to our biological issues.

I reckon that’s why so many of them wear those suits, to keep themselves safe from the diseases.

For all we know, the common cold might be deadly to them if (1) it impacts their biology in a similar mechanism, and (2) they have not had to chance to develop biological immunities like we have.

Plague with severe brain damage as effect is an interesting twist if you account for the core tech that makes capsuleers immortal…

Jumping into a new clone from an infected one is bound to leave some lasting effects.

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